Writing Hell

Yeah, we're ALL doing this. We have to. Because from what I see we're all seriously behind. It only goes on for five days. Come one guys, we CAN do this!

  So, this is what Writing Hell is:
  January 1-5
Goal: 10k

That's all it is. And if you think about it, all you need to do is put in about an hour everyday for five days. And then BAM! You've made a LARGE dent in your novel.It's only 2k a day. You're nearly done with that amazing novel. 
Now, every day, I want you guys to post this in the comments:

Word Count Start:
Word Count End:
Post that every day, updated. What word count you're starting at and what you've ended with for the day.

Thanks guys, and happy writing!


  1. Gep, I'm Not making Promises I have a GCSE to sit on the 10th.
    I need to revise, it's worth 30% of my overall GCSE for that subject. :/
    I'll try my hardest, I really will, but like I have said, I am making No Promises.

  2. .....I think I'm gonna try and do this. No promises about actually reaching the goal, but I'm just going to start today instead of on the 1st, for reasons of school, family stuff, and...


    Yes, life.

  3. Word Count Start: 9271

    Word Count End: 10258

    O.O I...honestly had no idea I was that close...uh...uh...uh...

    Well, it seems as if I reached the goal in -1 days! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Mar, the goal was to write ANOTHER 10k lol not just write TO 10k. :P

  5. I'd love to join in on this Gep, but I doubt I'll get as far as 10k... My birthday is on the 7th and I've still got some planning to sort out for my day out - there are some complications...

    But I will try nonetheless. I might not get to 10k but I'll get somewhere. I'm already quite a bit behind because on the sudden onslaught of homework and exams from school. Although, the other day I had a MASSIVE idea for an entirely new story, which I'm actually quite excited about doing, but I'm not sure yet HOW I'm going to do it. I was thinking about maybe doing it as a Manga/Comic... It's something I've always wanted to try. But anyway, enough rambling - I will try my best and leave the other story until after the 5th. ;3