Ten Thousand Words

Hell yes.

Alright, compared to some people on here *coughgepardcoughcough*, that's not really a whole lot, but to me, it's a big milestone. I set little sub-goals for myself in the big goal of writing a book. My thought process pretty went like this: "Okay, write one thousand words. You did that? Oh, great! Write four thousand more.
Yay, that's done! Okay, you're at five thousand. Double that! GOOOOO!"

And I did. Obviously those thoughts were not all in one go, but the point still stands that I've written 10,000 words. The result was me throwing my arms in the air, shouting "YES!" while my big brother looked on in confusion.

Oh, Rupert. You silly boy you.

I told my parents. I'm lucky they're as supportive as they are of my writing. I think it's partly because I don't talk to them much about what's going on in my life, so the fact that I'm excited about my book and how far I'm in it enough to practically scream about it is also pretty exciting for them.

"Practically", because I'm saving the real screaming for when I finish the book completely (and of course I didn't write 'fish' first instead of 'finish' right there, no, of course not, pffft, what are you talking about, nooooo)

But seriously, I didn't think I'd get this far for a LONG time. With school and double bass and a film club and school and Power of the Pen and school and family and possibly teaching one of my science classes in the near future and friends and school and oh, school, I thought my poor novel would be at a stand still for a long time. But it's not, so yay!

Holidays coming up soon, too. BRING ON THE SHOPPING. Yes, as you can see, I'm rather delusional right now and really should be in bed, so I think I'm going to go, y'know, sleep.

Good luck to everyone on their book!


  1. Um... I think youforgot to mention school. *looks about shiftily*

    So much epic in what you said above Thalia! *hugs*
    But I can only mention one cause I'm so tired and it's late. :P
    I am so excited that you reached this milestone! WELL DONE!!! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! This is a big deal Thalia. I am proud of you and I know the rest of our friends will be too!

  2. Better than what I got ._.
    Great job, Thaila! Keep up the good work!

  3. I heard my name being blogged as I was reading in my bedroom. Pffttt, I bet you'll do better than me. I've actually put BITTEN aside and am focusing on GEPARD VALK, because it's more original and would be published easier.

    Anyway, great job Thlia! 10,000 word! Amazeballs! When I reached 10k I was like: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsgl7fSaJC1qe8hud.gif

    Also, for your amusement: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv0twcoY1C1qkaa8zo1_400.jpg


  4. OHMAHGODYOUAREMYINSPIRATION!!!! Noooo, that would just be creepy sounding....Pashaaaw. But anywayyyy! This blog has just completely inspired me to really jump on my books. THANKYOUFORBEINGBORN!!!