Disney World and Churros

So, the holidays have proved themselves to being a very busy time of joy and laughter.
But still, my family demands my attention, and seeing as I don't have a portable computer like they have nowadays (those handy iPad doodads!), my writing time is being cut down even more. I feel like telling you about my life right now. Sucks to be you, doesn't it?
My family took my baby cousin up to Disney World. I don't know if you people have heard of Disney World, but I go about 200 times every month. It's crazy. But I love Disney; its a wonderful place with evil tourists that will pick pocket your soul and with a lot of Churros. Churros are magical doughy treats. Anyways, it's my cousins first time, and she's awfully adorable, so I've been allowing her to eat my shoulder and throw up on me. (it's already happened a multiple amount of times). I've got about a chapter of my book written, waiting to be edited and for me to meliorate it as I please. (Haaaa, Meliorate is the chapter of my book :P.) I have to perform in a high school showcase and sing, so I'm awfully nervous,.... --.--
Pretty short post. Eh, whatever. See ya!

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