MY Digital Army ;)

Really?” A voice asked. “That's a first to me...Miss Curse.” Dr Romulus Dee stepped out of the shadows, hands folded behind his back, a sadistic grin on his face.
Ariah let out a small 'Hmm'. She was really freaking out inside.
As far as I know, the board of education didn't even know I'm a certified scientist. I'm a certified Doctor, they knew. But they also didn't know that I used this space down here. Apparently it's...abandoned.” Dee paused, tilting his head at Ariah, a puzzled look falling upon his face, replacing the grin. “But Miss Curse...what are you doing here? Are you playing spy, or are you really one?”
Playing Spy... Ariah thought to herself, but said the opposite.
Oh really?” Dee asked.
Yes. I'm from Unit 21 in the Information Sector, First Class.” Still making it up as she went along, Ariah tried not to have long pauses between words. “I was sent here to shut down this branch of elfin creatures-”
Dee laughed loudly, throwing back his head. “Elves!” He said happily, the sentence dripping with sarcasm. “That's right, elves! Completely not related to bio-mutation in any way!”
He's absolutely mad. Not me. A nut-case. A loon. Insane. The wheel is still turning, but the hamster is dead.
But Miss Curse!” Dee held his hands wide. “This isn't just a branch. Can't you see it? I'm the leader of an army. This is my base of operations!”
An Elfin Army...The Elfin Army...” Ariah murmured softly, almost to herself. Dee, however, heard her.
My Elfin Army.”
We'll beat you.” Almost a second after she said it, Ariah knew she sounded like a typical amateur.
We? I think I'll take this moment to ask- You and what army?”
The Digital Army.” A new voice said, March Saxon stepping out of the shadows, hair looking, in the shadows and light, flaming.

Just a quick exert that brilliantly came to mind when I was about a thousand feet off the ground. I just found the picture like 15 minutes ago~

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