I'm a slacker. And I have question


I'm such a slacker. I haven't written any of my book for the past week. WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I?!


Hey, but like it said in the title, I have a question.

When reading a book, does it mean more to you if it's longer, or shorter? Or short chapters (so a lot of chapters) or long chapters (so less chapters. Unless you write more long chapters).

I dunno. Just curious.

And- how do you usually get an agent?


  1. Alright, on the book, I pesonally think length doesn't matter, as long as the CONTENT is good. Quality, not quantity. Most Sherlock Holmes novels are pretty short, but they're brilliant. It all depends on the story.

    Chapters, I don't think it matters either. I tend to write my book with shorter chapters,
    around 5 to 7 pages each. Once again, it depends. There can also be short chapters AND long chapters in a book.

    The agent. Oh, that's an interesting topic.

    Go read Veronica Roth's post here: http://veronicarothbooks.blogspot.com/2010/08/strive-always-for-normalness-my-advice.html

    Then got read this guy's "Publishing Essentials" posts, he has one on finding an agent: http://blog.nathanbransford.com/

    You can also get to the second blog from V.R.'s post. V has some more good places listed there too.

  2. Hey Mar, I hope you read this.

    It doesn't matter how long the book is, kind of, or how long the chapters are. The book is as long as it needs to be and same goes for the chapters. For me, beginnings are short-chaptered and then once I progress through the story the chapters get longer as I've more to write on a subject. The book itself is, as I've said, as long as it needs to be. But make sure it's at least 90 A4 pages as when cut down to a book size that'll make it about 150 pages or 130 or something so at least it's a bit lengthy.

    Now, on finding an agent, you won't get one 'till you're done. Once you're done and have edited the book and whatnot, you make a query letter. A query letter is a submission to an agency to get your book published. If the agency likes the idea, they'll ask you for the COMPLETED manuscript so make sure your novel is done before you start querying. Then if they like that they'll sign you and then make a few tiny edits to the manuscript(usually), and then they'll send it to an editor and get them to edit it(always), and when they're done the agent starts on trying to get it published and from there, well you know what happens. ;)

    Hope this helped!