10258 WORDS!

"The front hood opened up as Thalia started poking around inside. A second later, the hood closed again and she went over to the driver window.
“I have no idea what I'm doing.” She said.
March smacked her forehead with her palm. “Facepalm...” She muttered."

It took be about a few minutes to realize that I actually had over ten thousand words, and then my face cracked open with a huge smile~

Now, you people go and look at Gepard's post down below like good little bloggers.


  1. Hey, this blog is really cool and i've been reading it for a while, (these writers are A-MAZ-ING!) and I was wondering is it too late to join up?

  2. Writing Hell is writing 10k, not writing TO 10k, Mar. :P

  3. @Rubaline Shadows

    No, it's not too late to join. I just hope you know this blog isn't for fan-fic postings.
    See, here at SPG, we're writing novels! *everyone ooo's in the background*
    Novels are basically books. The only difference between a novel and a book is that a novel is singular whereas a book is part of a series/saga.
    Now, if you're up for writing a novel then just leave a comment with your email and I'll add you.
    Looking forward to having you as a fellow blogger!


  4. Wait...we're writing novels? I'm writing a book. Whoops.

    Wait...writing...oooh! Well. I get it now. But still...

    *mean to frown, but ends up weirdly smirking*


  5. *still ooo's in the backround*

    Umm... I think mine's gonna be a book too... Is that okay? I really hope so. The story would be much better as a trilogy or something... otherwise it's gonna be the world's largest and 'most annoying to write' novel... But, I guess it could be done... if it has to be a novel.

  6. Yeah, and... *Throws confetti everywhere* CONGRATS MAR! WHOOHOOO!

  7. Guys :P You can write it as a series. The goal was to write one book at least. I'm sure a series is fine. It's your story. Do with it what you want.

  8. *steals Gepards arrow*