My life sucks.. BIG TIME

Well Christmas is near,the year is at end, People are full of cheer,, Well not me I can't write anymore.. Not One bit... Nah... And I'm sad.... I feel worthless, my writing is crap compared to all of you guys.. AND to make it worse, people are giving me shit In school teachers and students alike... I stil have to get my mum a present.. Ugh I hate my life!!!!!! And one more thing... All my books, stories, everything on my computer got wiped.. No hardcopies... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ~ Flame


  1. *hugs Flame*
    That REALLY sucks.
    Ignore all the haters, they are giving you grief cause they are jealous.
    That's the truth of it. Don't give up.

  2. *gives Flame huge hug*
    Im sorry :( NJ is right. Dont get down. Keep looking on the bright side, you'll annoy everyone and it will be funny.