Prototype 15

It had been a nice, purple-skied day when I had been selected to be a Prototype. Prototype 15 to be exact. There was one selected from each country. I was so lucky to have been chosen. Prototypes are super-human abilities. They inject the subject with a few doses of some special drug and it awakens a power within you that had laid dormant since you were born. The good thing about being a Prototype is that no one’s ever mean to you, probably because you could kill them within a matter of minutes.
  The bad thing is not everyone survives the transformation. Four Prototypes died when their power was awakened. It was too much to handle. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

As I enter the enormous white building, I try to leave, only to be pushed forward by the big-muscled, short-haired guards. I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to become a Prototype. I don’t want to die.
  I’m in a large hall with white tiles and white walls. Everything’s white. Nothing’s in the hall, except for a door. Through the door we go and into an operating room. It’s dark with half the lights turned off. Before I know it I’m strapped down to a table. Something pierces my skin and a scream fills the room as my vision is clouded by tears. Something is being pumped into my body from where the cut is. It feels like lead, like it’s going to kill me straight away, like it’s going to pull me down to the depths of Hell. Then everything goes black and I hear screams from people around me. The awakening is complete.


  1. :D Epical Gep!! Keep going!!! wanna find oot what happens!

  2. *nods* I like it! but I don't know what you're doing with it, so do moooarrr. please.