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Some people in the book's name's may be changed. But so far, only LAST names. So March, Thalia, and Mir's last name's will most likely be changed.

March (Current: Donnelly): Maybe be changed to Saxon or Gilmore. March Saxon has a awesome ring to it, for the leader of the D.A. And Gilmore...are you familiar with the show the Gilmore Girls? Well, Lorelei and Rory Gilmore...weirdly resemble me and MY mom, how we just...normally live our lives all day. So. Gilmore. (Err, maybe not that one. Still deciding)
Thalia (Current: Marlo): Dunno with her. But Thalia Marlo just doesn't satisfy me the way it should. Doesn't roll off your tongue in the way people may like it to. Thalia Marlo. Maybe because there are 2 l's in in. *shrugs*
Mirtil (Current: Lucifer): Hmm. I want to keep in an 'L' name, but...I want to make in shorter, or possibly just abbreviate it.

Arthur, Ariah, Ratchet, and Lydia's will stay the same. But Ratchet may be getting a personality change.

(And he may change to Rex. But Rex just may as well appear in the third book)

EDIT: Oh dear. This post seems to have ended up longer then I thought.

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