Lightning-Fast 25k

Just got to 25k on Gepard Valk (which I got back yesterday!) and am ridiculously happy. I just *know* I'm going to finish this one. I can feel it in my heart. I love the characters, plot, the world the live in... and, of course, the romance! Yeah, yeah, I'm a guy and I love romance. Whatever, I'm gay, it works. :P 

So, here's a bit of romance for you!

            “Close your eyes,” Quinn instantly said. Doing as he was told, Gepard shut them, blocking out all source of light except the dancing stars inside his lids.
            Something clanged against metal, then there was something hot against his lips.
            “Open,” Quinn instructed. Gepard opened his mouth and felt an amazing taste of chilli. He swallowed and smiled.
            “That’s really good. Though, I think I know something better.” Opening his eyes, Gepard could see the curiosity on Quinn’s face. His arms acted of their own accord, reaching for her hips, drawing her in closer.
            “Gep…” Quinn didn’t end her sentence. She just closed her eyes and waited. Gepard leaned in, his head slightly bent down, and kissed her. Their lips connected, fighting for dominance. Gepard won out, Quinn’s lip between his own. He felt her breath on his tongue, soft and hot. He pulled her in closer, needing more. Seeming to have the same idea, Quinn opened her mouth a little wider, Gepard’s tongue tracing the edges of her lips. Then the kiss ended and they both opened their eyes.
            “It’s taken you years to do that,” Quinn said, smiling. “But I’m glad you finally did.” Taking his hand in hers, Quinn led Gepard into his room. They huddled together in the bed, watching each other.
            “I was scared it would ruin our friendship. Us being together.” Gepard brushed his fingers along her cheek. “But I couldn’t help myself anymore. You’re just so beautiful.”
            “Shut up.” Quinn smiled and kissed him, forgetting the rest of the world.

So, I hope you liked my romance! I've never written romance like that (intimate) before, so I hope it's good. Mind commenting on whether it's good or not? And if it is, why? If it's not, what can I improve on?


  1. Ah, I'm so glad you could get your story back! I was afraid it would be gone for good.

    I thought the scene was very good. Just enough information to really imagine it.

  2. :O You're like a writing...MACHINE! congratulations!!! XD