I don't think...

...that I'm going to write 'ambitiously' for awhile. I think I'm going to drift back with it for a hobby. Get a hop on my fan fictions again. It's just... I'm not really getting any particular place with my book stories, and I just need a few weeks or months (hopefully not years) to get my ideas collected.

So I'm gonna wait. Daydream. Sit in trees and yell at birds or something. Doodle in notebooks. Become friends with my Team again (long story. My beloved characters that you bloggers never see enough of. I LOVE YOU GUYS! BOTH OF YOU!).

I think when summer comes I may get back in the ambitious book boom. But for now... I'm gonna chill with paper March and Scarlet who are on my bulletin board. Which is on my wall. Which is in my room.

Go figure. Heh. 

I'm still gonna be on the blog, tho. Little bit less on the chat. I like the old ideas of the blogs, where we came and talked. Now it's kind of ruined.


Oh, and I'm teaching Mir the way of a hallway ninja.



  1. That's how I feel. I love my book, but writing it has been hard lately. I've felt like I can't write anything else until I work on that, and I don't like that idea. Gonna just chill for a bit, scribble down some ramblings, write some stuff.

    What I really think is that as long as you're writing, it doesn't matter what it is. Just do what you love! :D

  2. Hey, I agree. If you're writing what you want to right than you're doing good. :]

    Aaand, I like the original idea of the blog too. I miss Derek Landy and everyone hanging out on his blog chatting. Also on Hellboy's blog. We used to do that a lot.

    Anyway, have fun writing!