I can't think Of a title.

Haaaaai! How ironic! I never expected you people to be here! XD

...Okay, maybe I did. But I have a question for you people and didn't know how to start the post.

I'm starting another story idea (Skyril, Thalia and...Mir? You guys know what I'm talking about). Happened spontaniously when I was looking at pictures of girls with pink hair and was in the mood for mysterious and non-sensical magical stuff. Y'know, MY kind of stuff. It takes place in an alternate Earth, where paranormal creatures exist, but there's a lot of descrimination against them.

The thing is, the main character, Olivier, is a Major in the Paranormal Investigations and Control Agency (She's the one with the pink hair). And earlier before she joined, she left her home, dyed her hair, and got a few...genetic jobs. To put it bluntly. It's all the rage with the teens in the the alternate Earth. Ha. Ha ha.


Anyway, the has this major secret that she has to hide from the Paranormal Agency (That's a cool short version. Just throw out everything in the middle...).

I had a short version where I had the readers figuring it out (The secret) as the book went along. HOWEVER, that would prevent the readers from really getting to know Olivier personally (And now that I think about it, ex out any possibly pairings with her). But that also puts in an excellent sub-plot of certain people finding out about a certain secret.

The other version, you find out about Olivier's secret in chapter one, and she meets...people, and fluff stuff happens. :3 That one's more confidential~

My question IS! What would YOU people prefer? What sounds more interesting to you?

Comment and tell me! Or my toaster will maul you.


  1. They both sound great to me :D *is not helping*

    Whatever you go with wil be awesome, I think~

  2. Hmm... I'm not good at helping with these types of things... O_o
    See, when I come to a problem like this or a question like this, I say throw out both ideas and go with the middle one... which is invisible... Or, actually, more like non-existant.
    What I'm trying to say is, I think you should do neither and reaveal the secret somewhere in the middle where maybe some people start to suspect what the secret is, but no one knows for sure. :P