Long Time No See

Hey guys,
I know it's been about.......... 6 months? and I haven't been on at all. I haven't even started writing because MY MOCKS ARE ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!
I'm only on because I can't study anymore! My brain is going to exploded from an overload of information crammed into it.
Anyway, I had to write a short story in English and I thought i'd post it because I've been thinking of continuing it.

As the sun set, its light slowly melted the landscape, till everything was made of fire and glass. The edges of the buildings melded together and blurred, outlined by the fiery sky. Anya's knife reflected the light into her eyes, making her flinch. The blood slid off the sleek blade, plopping into the pool below, and started to stain her fingers. It was also starting to congeal and stick them together. The blood belong to the man at her feet.
Her curtain of purple hair swung over her black eyes as she tilted her head to look at the emptying street at the end of the dusty alley. She waited until the creaking carts and the shuffling feet had gone quiet and all the doors had shut before poking her head out into the cobbled street. No one wanted to be outside when the Inquisitors started to roam.
As the last windows were pulled shut, Anya padded out onto the main street. She glanced back at the body, carelessly slumped against a pile of rotting rubbish, and sighed. He was the third person she'd had to kill in the last week. It was necessary of course. He had seen her scars. She was still getting used to covering the map of raised white lines spiderwebbing across her hands. They were the mark of an Inquisitor.
The Inquisitors were the tools of a force unknown to all but themselves. They were supposed to be submissive, and willing to give up their lives for their master. Anya, however, had broken from its grip and gone rouge. The Inquisitors roamed the streets at night searching for the homeless, the poor, and anyone unskilled enough to not hide from them. After all, 'It' needed to be fed.
All of the Inquisitors wore hooded cloaks and carried a weapon of choice. Their hands were left exposed to reveal the scars that marked them for what they are. The man Anya had killed, Charles, had seen her scars and immediately marked her as the rogue Inquisitor, as she wore no cloak. She had a large bounty on her head, and Charles had immediately rushed off to be the informant. That had been his last mistake.
She slid her knife into her boot and continued walking, pulling on fingerless gloves as she went. The weather was too warm for them; she could already fell her hands becoming clammy. They would have to do.
She moved into the shadows, her soft boots letting her move quietly, as she reached a cross road. Only one more street and she would be in open country. No one to recognize her. No one to kill. No Inquisitors. Safety.
She started to grin but snapped her head to the left as a figure moved in the long shadows of the nearly set sun, The tell tale swish of a cloak over cobbles left no doubt in her mind. Inquisitor.
She froze, hoping that she had escaped its notice, but it was too late. It started moving towards her.
Thoughts raced in her mind. Should she make a run for open ground? She could probably kill it in single combat. But she could also try to lose it in the maze of tightly packed buildings and keep from fighting.
She made a dash for the other side of the cross roads. The Inquisitor blurred into action, pulling out twin daggers and sprinting to cut her off. She reached the other side ahead of him and cut down an alley to her left. Her feet flew over the ground, kicking up dust. She wouldn't be able to lose him now and she had no idea where she was heading. She glanced at a low window sill coming up on her right and jumped. She swung up onto it and jumped again, catching the lip of the roof. Straining her arms, she pulled herself up. A roof-top chase would be harder but she needed to keep track of where she was.
She started running again, glancing down to see the Inquisitor hurriedly sheathing his daggers and following. She quickly got a rhythm going. Now relying on her feet to know when to jump she looked around to get her bearings. The closest section of city wall was to her left and she sharply veered towards it. Something flew past her head as she turned. It hit a wall, sending up a shower of brick. Anya glanced back and cursed. Another Inquisitor had joined the chase. And this one had shurikens.
Anya prepared herself for another jump. As she took off a shuriken sliced into her shoulder, sending a spray of scarlet into the dark sky. Blood splattered her face, running into her eyes and blinding her mid-flight. She wiped a hand across her face and a blurred image of s roof coming towards her filled her vision as she started to descend. She wasn't going to make it.
She smashed into the side of the building, throwing her arms up to try and grab the lip of the roof. Her finger couldn't find a hold and she started to slide down the building.
Her feet smacked into the ground and she crumpled backwards. She rolled onto her hands and knees, coming into a crouch as the Inquisitors jumped from the roof and landed in front of her in a soft poof of dust. Their cloaks whirled around them as they sunk into stances and unsheathed their weapons.
Anya pulled out her sword as the second Inquisitor threw a shuriken. She dived forward and came up, swinging her sword low at the first Inquisitors feet. One of his daggers whipped passed her head, cutting off the top of her right ear and making strands of her hair flutter to the ground as he jumped over her sword.
Anya danced back to give her longer weapon room to maneuver. As she whirled into her next attack she heard movement behind her. She switched from a punch to a turning kick to have a look and saw two more Inquisitors running up the alley. Her kick smashed the second Inquisitors nose, and as he stumbled back, she swung in her sword, neatly beheading him.
None of the others seemed to mind that their comrade had fallen and simply watched as his head rolled along, leaving a line of bloody sludge mixed with dust behind.
The two new Inquisitors both wielded bo staffs, giving them extra reach. Anya slunk back into the middle of the alley, preparing to run. She knew she could never win this fight.
Before she could turn to go however, one of the new arrivals leaped forward, spinning his staff to deflect her sword. He whipped one end of it around and smashed it into her knee.
She felt the bone give with a sickening crunch and shatter inwards, tearing into the ligaments behind. Her leg crumpled under her and she fell to her knees at the Inquisitors feet.
She tilted her head back to look into the black abyss of his hood, catching a glimpse of a glinting smile spreading across the hidden face. He swung his staff again, this time aiming for her head, The force of the blow shattered her skull, spattering her brain onto his cloak in a grey mess. Her lifeless body slumped on the ground as the slimy remains started to dribbled down the Inquisitor's front and dropped softly into the dust.
The full moon peaked out from behind a cloud to watch as the Inquisitors gathered around the body and started dragging it back to their master.


  1. Wow! That was fantastic! Really exciting, and just, wow! Brilliant! I would love to read more! please do continue!! :D ~cheers~
    Well written. Maybe in the beginning just a few too many adjectives. Overall, though, it was written very well. Grabbed my attention right away and kept it throughout. :D
    Whoo! Bloody awesome!

    ... no pun intended xD

  2. lol you'll be fine with the mocks. Mine have been sinch so far and I never studied... too sick. And plus they're not the JC. You need to take a big ol' chill pill.

  3. FAN TASTIC DARKANE! *hugs tightly* SO awesoem to see you again!
    I hope we see you after mocks too! I have a feelign that you have done very well on it.
    Thanks for posting Darkane!
    *hugs again*

  4. Brilliant story. Brilliant, but gory. *shudders* I hate blood and torn ligments and shattered skulls and things like that. *shudders again*

    And good luck in your mocks!

    You sound like you'll do just fine.