What A Witch (Sample)

So guys, I had an idea last night of this Paramance (Paranormal/Romance) thing, and this is what I came up with. PLEASE BE BRUTAL. Or nice.

I sat on the porch swing, watching the fireflies dance over head. It was beautiful, the way they twirled, the way they bounced, the way they shone in the dark sky above, like stars.
  I pushed forward, using my feet as the push force. Swinging gently on the porch swing, I sighed. It had been a perfect day. Because it had been my seventeenth birthday, and I’d found love.
  I recounted the moment I’d first seen her, my eyes shutting in remembrance.
  As I pushed past the people of the crowd, I looked up at the main focus. A band. A very famous band called Coldplay. They were singing my favourite song, Paradise, when I saw her. The most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.
  Her prefect chocolate-brown hair hung down past her neck, curling at her shoulder blades. Her soft, tan skin was tight to her rosy cheeks. I watched as her bright green eyes flickered to me. Her mouth quickly opened in what I could only guess was a gasp. She quickly looked to the ground and ran off into the crowd, her hair bouncing with every impact of foot and ground.
  My feet acted of their own accord, bringing me through the crowd. People shouted and cursed at me as I pushed through them. I didn’t know why, but I needed to see her again. To ask her her name, to tell her mine. But I couldn’t find her anywhere, even after running through the whole crowd, after asking everyone I could. It was as if she vanished…
  I even waited outside the giant doors of the stadium in which the band had played. But there was no sign of her. I sighed and walked over to my friend, Seán.
  “Dude, what were you looking for? I’ve been waiting for ages!” he said, annoyed. His brows turned down near his nose in anger, wrinkles had formed above them. His hazel eyes un-avoided eye contact, even though strands of his long blonde hair hung straight in front of them. He stared straight into my own dark-blue eyes, warning me that he would snap if I’d kept him waiting over something stupid.
  I looked back over my shoulder once to check if the girl was there, but there was only the cleaners. They were brushing all the litter from outside the stadium into it. I turned back to Seán and simply said, “A girl.”
  “A girl?” he asks, a smile beginning to grow on his face. The dimples that form above the edges of his lips make him look young and boyish, even though he’s seventeen. As am I. Some people say Seán and I look the same, but I don’t see it. I mean, sure, we both have blonde hair, but mine is close-cropped, except for in the middle where I spike it up. Seán has long blonde hair. Totally different. And our eyes are different too. Although, we have the same build. We used to work out together in the gym, but decided to give up after his dad died.
  “A girl,” I finally answer. “The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” I sigh.
  Seán rolls his eyes in response and says, “Not again, Daire. Every girl you like is the new love of your life. The one you’re just meant to be with. They’re all beautiful, yet you seem content and thinking that each of them is more beautiful than the next.”
  We start to take the shortcut home. A dark, grubby lane that we’re not meant to go through. But it cuts ten minutes off the long route, so we take it anyway.
  “That’s not fair. Sarah was a one-off. And Áine tricked me, and so did Niamh. Both Jess and Laura were proper relationships—“
  “I wouldn’t say a week, half of which you didn’t talk to them, was a proper relationship.”
  I shot him a deadly glare. “Shut up. Anyway, all my past girlfriends weren’t like this girl. This girl… well, I’ve a feeling, Seán, I’ve a feeling.”
  He nodded sarcastically, a grin pasted onto his face. “Mhmmm.”
  I picked up a small pebble after letting him walk on a bit then threw it. It hit him in the back and he yelped in surprise. He turned round, angry. But he was grinning, so it couldn’t have been real anger.


  1. Are you sure you are not a 36 year old professional writer? Cause your writing is so AMAZING and EPICA ! I LOVE IT!!
    Well done GEp/ What will the girls name be. Kallista? ;D

  2. That was FANTASTIC Gep
    If you make this into a full book, I would ABSOLUTELY read it!!
    I love the fact you used Irish Names!!
    Irish names aren't used nearly HALF as much as they Should. J's
    Write more!!