I have returned.

   Well hello there! Long time no.....type....I guess?
   I have had literally NO access to any computers oncesoever. And I haven't posted on here for weeks- no, months, really. I've missed posting on here. I'm going to do it much more often now that i have a laptop again.
   But a warm hello was not my only reason for creating this post.
   I have reached 30, 000 words. I dont really know what everyone else has gotten to, but to me this is an impressive obstacle and I am very proud of myself for overcoming it. I actually went out with a group of comerades as celebration. (Only few of my closest friends know that I am writing a book). And as I am realising that I may actually finish this book before the year of 3000, it hits me that I do not have a cover. Does anyone know a website where you can make covers, or does anybody know HOW to actually make one?
    All answers are helpful ones- except for those stupid ones... you know who you are- and I would be sincerely grateful for helpful answers.
   (P.S. Sorry for typos, Im still getting used to typing on this odd keyboard.)


  1. Welcome back and congratulations on the 30,000 words!


    Now, on the subject of covers. I'm sorry to say that I don't know a website for it. If you want to make your own, I'd suggest playing around on Paint or Photoshop or some other computer graphics program. But if your going to try to get your books published, once you get an agent and the agent gets you a publisher, the publisher will handle all the cover stuff. That's really all I know.... ^^'

  2. Viviiiiiiiiiannaaaaaa!

    *sparkle sparkle*

    The writing machinnneeee!

    *sparkle sparkle*

  3. Viiiv! Hey! ~Hugs~
    Welcome back :D
    And congratulations! that's a really fantastic achievement! ~cheers~
    Um, I'm not sure about cover-making websites; however, I think probably that it would be better to wait to get a cover until the book's done. I'm not positive, but I think that most people have gone to an editor who says he's going to publish it before they come up with a cover.
    I could be wrong about that, though :P
    Wouldn't be the first time. xD