I have it, an idea! HOORAY!

HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! I've had an idea! I've had an idea! *does a little funny dance thing*


My idea for a book is as follows:

It is called Storm Warning,

The plot is, basically, if the world had a use-by date, this would be it, a huge storm passes over the entire world, clouds cover the sun and power seems to be fluctuating everywhere, a first strike of lightning sends a strange creature to warn the humans of what is coming, and he is not the only one to come to earth.......

With the last lightning strike will come complete and utter anihalation.....

DUH DUH DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, i really like this idea, what do you guys think?
I would be pleased to hear any thoughts you have, be ruthlessly honest and present any constructive criticism you have, thanks


  1. ....That....is a cool idea.

    So, through the whole book, there's this massive lightning storm? Or am I wrong?

  2. You should keep your story ideas secret! Or someone might steal them. Just sayin. Congrats on getting an idea, but here's what I do: keep them in a file. You'll get more ideas as you start writing, but don't stop until you finish your main idea. Write down new ideas and save them for later. But don't tell anyone until they're published! ;)

  3. Ooo, that sounds epic! The idea of the strangers coming to earth is a good addition. I lik e that idea.

    Well, no one here would steal it. I don't know if you're from the blog we came from or not [I've been having internet troubles and haven't been around much lately], so just make sure YOU don't steal it. :P

  4. *prods Skyril with a stick*


    She's some sort of author. From what my spies have gathered. Careful! She could be working for you know who...!

  5. Hmmm ~strokes imaginary beard~
    Yes, thank you, Mar, for the information.