The Shadow Through The Window.

Tom jumped out of bed and stood wearily. He started gasping for breath. Tom's face was red, he could feel the cold sweat on his eyebrow. He went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and smiled. IT had just been a nightmare.  

He had dreamt of a man, a grotesque being following him. It was a night much like that night. The clouds covering the moon, the cold night air shaking the leaves off, them then blowing off in the night. He ran the cold tap and threw his face under the cool, refreshing water, "Ah," he smiled, feeling better already. Tom picked up the blue,soft towel from the handrail and dried his face. He looked in the mirror one last time before going back to bed. Tom pulled up the white and red quilt and hopped in. An owl cooed. Tom closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Screams. Loud, painful and deathly. Tom writhed on the ground, banging his back and legs against the mucky  forest floor. The man stood over him, red mouthed and deadly. The blood eased slowly off his chin, falling on the brown leaves. The man's name was Darvis Beswick. He was full and ready to sleep, it was night though and vampires didn't sleep at night. He looked at the now still body, 'The human is probably dead.' he thought. He didn't feel bad, it wasn't in his nature. But he could still help this poor sap.  He ran over and picked him up with his super strength. Then there was a blur, Darvis was running, fast and could not be seen by human eyes.

The dark black room was messy and not really kept well. There was dirt and grime on the windows, papers strewn everywhere and the only light was from a grimy light bulb swinging on the ceiling. It was creating flashes of shadows around room. Then Darvis blurred through the window making the bulb swing more..... The shadow through the  window...

Hope you like!!!!!!!!!!! to be continued..

~Flame Phoenix

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  1. Awesome! I definitely DO like :D
    Very interesting and kinda scary. Keep it up!