Hey, everybody!
Well, I didn't expect my internet to be broken for so long-still is. So I'm going to go ahead and work around it as much as possible and continue with that surprise I was going to do because of your hard work... ages ago. lol
I'm really excited about it! Wanted to do it ages ago, [even more ages] but stuff kept getting in the way! Anyway, stuff's still in the way, but I'm ignoring it. :P
ANYWAY! [Is it just me, or do I say "anyway" a lot?] I'll tell you the details in a minute... FIRST... I have to tell you what the surprise IS!

So ~drumroll~

An artist on deviantart is going to be commissioned to draw your OC! 
~dances with confetti~

Well, we decided the order should be random so I did this very technical process including a styrofoam cup and several scraps of paper. ;D
I'll show the list in a minute, but I wanted to say that I'm not sure if some of you have OC's. One or two off the top of my head are Alli and greatmaul. I'm not sure if you two do or not and maybe a few others. If you could make one or post yours on Lizzy's blog- [email her to join or ask a member to help] - that would be great, and also, if you have a different name for your character than your username is, if you'd comment and tell me what it is, that would be much appreciated. :D. If I get to you on the list and can't find an OC, I'll skip to the next person till I can get up with you and find out.
By the way, 

 Here's first the list out of order then I'll make it in order....


  • Rachel 16

  • Florence Black 34

  • Natalie Jay 21

  • Mar-Chu 10

  • Niall, the Guy With a Boring Name. 12

  • Alli 6

  • Lunar Tears 11

  • NJ Maverick 20

  • Nyx Dawn 28

  • That Lakinson Guy 30

  • Elisabeth Vauge, royal guard of the grand purple couple 27

  • greatmaul 32

  • Pyro-Dawn Tyromant - Lord of the Armies of the Desert Sun 26

  • ghost writer 25

  • Tori 24

  • Venice Rain 22

  • Blood Butterflies  1

  • Skyril 36

  • the All Singing All Dancing Bryony Rose

    Aficionados 33

  • Dantea Dredkin, Grand Mange of America and Steampunk
    Feisghn ~ Acacia Volt. 23

  • Chanoro Flashfreeze 31

  • Gepard Valk - Lord Of The Skies 17

  • Ayesha 22

  • Darkane Claw 3

  • Thalia Jane 7

  • Lilith Nightshade... 5

  • lego 2

  • Jaffa Morbid 35

  • Octaboona Ambrosius- Paragon of the Purple Horde 16

  • DogsLikeBones 8

  • Kalia Mist 13

  • Rue Nightlocke 9

  • Vivianna- the Girl With the Demonic Imagination 4

  • Desswarph Cwash 3

  • Kallista Pendragon 30

  • 1 Blood Butterflies
    2 Lego
    3 Darkane Claw
    4 Vivianna
    5 Lilith Nightshade
    6 Alli
    7 Thalia Jane
    8 DogsLikeBones
    9 Rue Nightlocke
    10 Mar-chu
    11 Lunar Tears
    12 Niall
    13 Kalia Mist
    14 Rachel
    15 Octaboona Ambrosius
    16 Nyx Willows
    17 Gepard Valk
    18 Bryony Rose
    19 NJ Maverick
    20 Natalie Jay
    21 Venice rain
    22 Ayesha
    23 Acacia Volt
    24 Tori
    25 Ghost Writer
    26 Pyro-Dawn Tyromant
    27 Elisabeth Vauge
    28 Nyx Dawn
    29 That Lakinson Guy
    30 Kallista Pendragon
    31 Chanoro Flashfreeze
    32 Greatmaul
    33 Dantea Dredkin
    34 Florence Black
    35 Jaffa Morbid
    36 Skyril

    The artist, of course, takes a bit of time to get it made, but as soon as it gets out, and I get to it, I'll post it here. :D I'll most likely always use the same artist every time. I would post some examples, but for some reason this comp I'm using won't let me download pics -_-. I'll try again later

    Anyway! Keep up the hard work! And keep coming here! Talk about problems and idea, encourage others, most of all, write! :]

    P.S. Sorry for all the spaces between the first list of names O.o


      THAT IS SO EPICA!! *screams of happiness*

    2. Oh my gosh, Skyril, you wonderful girl. Thank you so much! That's so cool!

    3. Brilliant brilliant Skyril! Yipee! *glomps* Thank you so much! *grins like cheshire cat*

    4. ~grins back~
      You're welcome! Hopefully we'll start seeing them soon!