A Month (or so) In the Life of Gepard

So, um, hi. I know, I know, I've been seriously M.I.A. (missing in action) lately. Sorry 'bout that. School and whatnot has been getting in the way a lot. Anyway, um, I'm probably back. I designed a blog for Kal (SHAMELESS PLUG) in case anyone is interested in, like, hiring me or whatever. Hiring meaning no fee and I'll do it if I have time. Haha.

Um, so, update on my life. Skip this post if you don't want to hear my ramblings.

So . . . I went back to school this year, entering a new cycle of school years. Two years, actually. In ROI there's Junior Cycle (first three years of secondary school/high school) and then Senior Cycle (last two-three years of secondary/high school). Anyway, I have new subjects now. They are: Art, French, Chemistry (which is really hard), Biology (not as hard but still hard), Irish, English, and Maths. I had about 12 subjects in Junior Cycle, so it's a big difference. Oh, and I also have P.E. (Gym), and this thing called LC.V.P. (don't ask). So, I actually lost my train of thought and I don't know where I was going with this paragraph about subjects . . .

Anyway, I'm in the school play. I'm one of the main parts so yay! I have to learn to dance, though, because my character starts randomly waltzing with this character that talks a mile an hour. But yeah, the play itself is pretty awesome and it'll have props and music and such. It's our school's first play.

Another thing that happened issssss . . . I got outed at school. Like, literally every single person at my school knows I'm gay and the teachers made me go to counseling because it's apparently the first time it's happened (WTF, right?) and now I have to go to counseling every week. I MEAN, WHAT?!

But yeah, tests this week. Blegh.

OH, ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW WHAT? Instead of me doing people's blogs for free, I'm gonna have a contest. So look out for that!

Which reminds me, I'm entering a writing competition! :D Wish me luck! So... I guess that's all right now. During this post I realized I am still very forgetful and that I say 'So' and 'Anyway' too much.

Anyway, bye.



  1. I say 'so' and 'see' much to much :P

    Really glad your having a school play. It sounds awesome. I want to learn how to dance too. Especially Caramelldansen.

    How are you dealing with being outed? Are you OK? Do you mind that everyone knows? Talk to me if you want.

    Decides not to ask about LCVP.

    Can't wait for the contest. You design blogs beautifully.

  2. Wow! That's awesome that you're going to be in a play, especially as a lead character! Congratulations.

    I can hardly believe they're making you go to counseling weekly. Doesn't really seem fair, in my opinion. Well... are you happy everyone finally knows or not really?

    I find myself being extremely inarticulate and end up saying... "Yeaaah..., that's why I'm Not a thesaurus." xD


    I'm glad you like the play! I love theatre, but I'm too much of a spaz and coward to actually act. But that sounds really fun!

    Your school is just...oh my god. Putting you in counseling for being gay? What? That's messed up. I'm here if you want to talk.

    Good luck with the contest!

  4. :D Heya Gep!! :P Meziz kinda AWOL too... ach weel, making appearences once in a while...

    Sounds fun though! What's the play called? We're doing the aladin panto this year :D Am personally doing props and senior back stage stuff ;) shuld be fun...

    :O Counselling?! That is outragous... they need counselling themselves... *grumbles*

    God luck with the comp ;)


  5. Gep! *glomp* HEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO~! ILKDFXH'/.VJ FHZs LGZ (Lol accidentally locked my computer while spazzing my keyboard XD)

    *spaz over*

    Congrats on the part in the play! I love being in plays, and yours sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you're enjoying it! (I wish I could dance... Teach me? *puppy dog eyes*)

    Your school sounds dumb. (no offense) Now, I'm no expert so don't take my word as law... But I don't think schools are meant to be dumb. That in itself is dumb.


    But yeah, I don't get why they're making you do that! (dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb) Like the others have said, if you want to you can always talk to us ^^
    Also contest sounds good! :D Good luck with your play!


    You're taking French now! :O We should like, have conversation in the language. But, well, I say SHOULD. So. Yes. Anyway.

    You're in a plaaayyy? :D What's the play called? Is it one I know? I loooove plaaayyyssss and why am I dragging out words here I blame the fact that I just woke up.

    And about the counseling- WHAT. In result of them being ridiculous, you should give THEM counseling. No, seriously! All the while when they try to ask you questions about whatever they think they should be doing, just start asking them questions! Turn the tables in a horribly confusing manner! It brings justice to silly and ridiculously stupid situations, not to mention it's fun.

    In a oddly twisted way. Um. OK, you don't have to do that, but. I don't know. It's what I would do. I'm sort of bad at helping people with their problems; unless it's something psychological. But. Whatever.

    I'm going to end this comment and leave another one when I'm more awake. And I've eaten something more then a poptart.