Competition Two Voting Zone

Hello everybody!

The second competition has ended for real!

I'm sorry some of you couldn't get your entries in on time :/. Next time, definitely, ok? :]

Anyway, on to the business! Below you will find the entries for this, our second competition. I've read each of them, and been impressed in one way or another every time! I hope you read and enjoy them as I did and get in the mood for Halloween!

Now, the rules, which are simple.

Everybody has one vote.
Vote here.
"Sign" your name at the bottom of your vote.
You have up to the 15th to vote.

And that's everything!

Comprehend, ponder, conceive, and conclude, then deliberate once more and submit to the task at hand!
Basically, choose your favorite and Vote!
Have fun!


  1. They were all incredible :D this is gonna be so hard... again :P

    well, i liked them all, but I'm gonna have to vote for #1 :D


    (kal, you forgot to sign ur name)

  2. All were incredible stories! (except one) -_-
    I will have to vote for #2 though. It is my favorite

    - Kallista frikken Pendragon -_-

  3. Number 1 was good, I really liked it.
    Hm... I'm not voting for it though.

    Number 2 was excellent, although it ended quite quickly. The description send shivers in my spine, though xD

    Number 3... What was that? It was very descriptive but I became confused...

    Number 4 was brilliant I really liked it for it's mysterious ending. And the way Tanith was introduced at the last minute was excellent.

    Number 5 was good, but I think it ended too quickly as well, a bit too anti-climaxy..

    But alas this it hard! I think number four has my vote, though!

    Number 5 was good also, but

    1. Flame..

      Oh and ignore that last part xD

  4. I LOVED NUMBER THREE!!! The descriptions were excellent, and the ending... It was just amazing. Not that the other ones weren't, all of the stories were awesome... But Number three has my vote!!!

  5. I think I am going to go back and leave comments on each story. Just because we can't tell our vote on each entry does not mean we can't share comments about the work and effort done. It's a shame that the writers go through all that and not really see any comments on their work. So, I vote here, but will leave comments on the entries.

  6. #5 definitely done it for me.

    "Nathan Shepherd"

  7. First of all, I thought they were all brilliant.
    But, #3 is the one, I liked most.

    Willow Storm.

  8. They were all AMAZING!!
    But 4# gets my vote

    ~Litrin Dementoz~

  9. I loved them all. 5 was the creepiest for me, I have to say. Right when I thought Helena would be safe... Gah XD Stories with a last-minute twist are always the best.

    So, I vote #5.

    -JB, HB, Israel Elysium, the Average Joe...uh... And Jacob Reynolds. Yep. I'm allowed to sign with five names. Everyone else is also allowed to, but they just decided not idea why, it's fun.

  10. Jesus, you people are so fricken talented!
    1, 2 and 5 were my favourites...

    I vote for #2.


  11. Terrifying~

    Seriously, those were brilliant. Sorry, but I HAVE to write at least a little for each, if not a lot.

    They are all brilliantly written, of course, and there was at least one little thing in each which called out to my vote.
    The brilliant, innocent characters, and an ending which made me grin, in the first.
    The unique, spine-chilling description of the second.
    The creative, creepy and suspenseful manner in the third.
    The surprising introduction of Tanith, of all people, in the fourth (though is that against the 'completely new characters' rule?).
    The spooky sensation which only comes from a true, classic Halloween tale such as the fifth.

    But of course, I can only accept one.
    So I choose the second.
    As much as I love the dramatic suspense of a long narrative piece, I'm fascinated that such a short piece can be so captivating, and the unique, descriptive style really caught my attention. For it's short, spine chilling effect, and the fact that it has me clutching my own Mockingjay Pin twice as hard, I can't not choose to take number two.

    ~Taia, Inesculent Bean of Written Ramblings.

  12. WOW
    They were all Amazing!!

    Seriously all Great.

    My favourite would have to be.. Number 5

    -NJ Maverick