Competition Winner Announcement

Greetings, my fine, lollipop wielding comrades! ~as a zombie moans, walking past, handing everyone lollipops as they listen~

Unfortunately I'm going to have to keep this relatively quick, but don't worry, I'm most certainly going to say something of each and announce the winner!

Haha! And what a perfect first entry to skip!
Ok, ok, I won't skip it, but I'll be exceedingly brief. :P Entry number 1 was mine. I switched my style from horror and terrible endings from the zombie competition, to innocent and a little humorous with this entry. Thank you so much, everyone who complimented it. :3

Competition entry number 2!
Author: Octaboona Ambrosius
Wow! I was so surprised when I first saw this, and then read it. The conciseness is blunt and haunting by the story it portrays. So few words make it original, clever, unique. At first, I thought it might have almost been a poem, weaving a web in disguise as a story. Utterly fitting to the author who wrote it! Thank you, Octa, for your brilliant story!

Competition entry number 3!
Author: Nights Raven
Oooo, chilling! I thought at first that Steve, Jack, Jordan, and Danielle would survive their horrifying experiences and come out scarred, but alive. That was not to be, however as the ghosts were restless. The perfect Halloween story! It began innocently, and ended terrifyingly. I loved it! Thanks, Raven, for submitting your awesome story!

Competition entry number 4!
Author: Taia DeMars
I love Alfred James. The man the story line follows as he reluctantly passes out a single aniseed to the trick-or-treaters. Haha! I'm certain that must be the strangest "candy" they get for Halloween. In the end, as Tanith appears, unexpectedly, frighteningly. Who knows what happens to poor Alfred James. Taia! I insist you tell us! ~grins~ Thank you for submitting this epica piece of Halloween stories.

Competition entry number 5!
Author: Kallista Pendragon
Woah! Talk about creepy. I'm certain I shivered whilst reading this at least five times. Poor Helena sent in as the drama clubs ritual demands. Haunted houses, ghosts, woeful brides, and chilling endings. This story must have everything in it balanced so efficiently! The ending was terrifying, and I loved the whole story! Thanks so much, Kal for adding this to our Halloween nightmares!

Now, without further ado! [since the computer's going to log me off in four minutes]
The winner of the Short Story Halloween Competition, being voted just one more than two others.... is entry number five by Kallista Pendragon!
Congratulations, Kal! It was brilliant, and I would have voted for it too, if I could have :]
~crowns Kal the Queen of Halloween~

Thanks, everybody for adding something new to Halloween for everybody! I loved reading every one. :3
I'm hoping y'all enjoyed it too, and I'll see more entries by you the next time we have a competition 8]


  1. YAY!
    Brilliant! Congratulations, Kal! Hurrah for the Queen of Zombies and Hallowe'en!
    And, congratulations also to Skyril, Octa, and Raven! Your entries were terrific! ^-^
    Reading your epica stories, and of course, writing my own entry, was incredibly fun, I can't wait until next time. :D

  2. Contratulations, Kal! :D Good work with the story. And to everyone else, I thoroughly enjoyed yours too.

    Can't wait to see what the next competition will produce.

    *noms lollipop*

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D CONGRATS KAL! :D :D *hugs* I am so happy for you kal :D CONGRATS AGAIN :D :D :D

    and to everyone else, I loved everyone's entries :D they were all so fantastic and wonderfully spooky :D well done to u all, I applaude you *applaudes them*

    I cannot WAIT for the next comp :D I wonder what theme we'll have next time... *ponders*

  4. Congrats Kal! Loved your story to bits!

    Loved ALL of the stories! Was... preoccupied with lots of stuff and couldn't vote, or even take part in the comp which made me sad (cos I'd written an entry :( ) But reading all of your WONDERFUL stories cheered me right up!

    Well done everyone! It's great to see everyone so active again! Cannot WAIT for the next comp ^^ *hugs for EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  5. Congratulations Kal! All the entries were truly epic, well done to everyone who wrote one! :D