Halloween Short Story Competition Entry #3

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 As the sun began to dip into the western horizon, the children began
coming out, beginning to roam the streets, going door to door, begging
for treats. These four children got more than a few treats. This is
their story, read it; if you dare.

As the sky began to darken into night, the children began to roam
about, dressed as ghouls and ghosts.
A group of four stood apart from the rest, not wearing the costume of
one of the more common ones, instead choosing to wear more outrageous ideas.
One of the boys, a tall lad with blonde hair and big blue eyes, was
dressed as a zombie pirate, while the only other boy wore a rotting
pumpkin that had been decorated with Christmas lights.
One of the girls, with shiny gold hair and green eyes and obviously the
leader, wore a rebellious vampire look, with dark streaks through her
hair. The other girl, the smallest of them, and the most shy, wore a
simple witches costume, though not very traditional, it was the least
outrageous of them all, going by the type of costume, but, by the
colors, it was the most outrageous. With yellow, orange, and black
colors mixed together, and different shades collided to create the most
dazzling, and the most shocking costume.
They walked the neighborhood, growing bored at the poor decorations and
the already rotting pumpkins with drawn on faces.
"This is boring," Jordan, the blonde girl, said.
"I agree," Steve, the rotting Christmas pumpkin, said. The other two
nodded agreement, though the witch, Danielle, looked a bit reluctant.
"I have an idea," Jordan said. "Let's go to the abandoned part of town,"
"You sure? That place is supposed to be really haunted," Jack, the
pirate, said. "Yeah, it'll be fun, trust me," She said. Jack said nothing more. "Now
come on, let's make a quick trip home, dropping off this candy and then
let's go to the old town and see if we can't find any ghosts."
After they had dropped everything off, and checked in with their
parents, who were all, conveniently, at a Halloween party together.
The kids set off, taking flashlights and extra batteries just to make
sure they wouldn’t be in the dark. Steve decided to bring a video
camera to document their findings, Jack, noticing this, decided to also
bring a camera, followed by Danielle and Jordan.
“Let’s go hunt some ghosts,” Jordan said before they set off for old

When they got to the old part of town, the full moon had climbed high
in the sky, signaling that they had a couple hours left until midnight.
They separated into pairs, the girls together and the boys, and went
exploring. The boys went to the graveyard, the girls to the town
center; all with their cameras rolling, trying to catch any sign of

Steve panned his camera left and right slowly, trying to catch any
movement, his eyes glued to the screen.
Jack had also brought a voice recorder, as well as a camera, and had
both running.
They nodded to each other briefly and silently and moved off to cover
opposite ends of the graveyard, hoping to catch something, anything, on

Jordan and Danielle turned in a circle, admiring the large buildings.
“I wonder what happened to shut this place down.” Danielle pondered as
she looked in a store window.
“I don’t know,” Jordan answered. “Let’s get the cameras out and see if
we catch anything.”
Danielle dug into her pocket, where she produced both video camera, and
a digital one.
Jordan saw this and nodded. “Wish I’d thought of that,”
They moved off, covering more ground by splitting up, though they
stayed in each other’s line of sight at all times.

Steve walked slowly among the tombstones, the farther he walked, the
older the dates became.
He looked down at the camera screen and frowned; he stopped walking and
re-wound the footage, and nearly lost his balance. He had caught a
white mist darting among the older graves.
He looked up to where it had been, as if he might be able to catch a
glimpse, but to no avail, whatever it was, it was gone.

Jack had walked slowly among the tombs, careful not to disturb them; he
had the camera level with his gaze, while he held the voice recorder
out in front of him.
“Is anyone here with me?” He asked for the third time. He saw something
on the camera and panned over to where the brief flicker had been, but
saw nothing.
He paused in his step and set the recorder on a tombstone and re-wound
the film and what he saw made his jaw drop.
There was a figure darting towards him from one of the mausoleums. He
heard a quiet click that might as well had been a sonic boom.
Pressing record on the camera, he set it down on the tombstone and
picked up the recorder, and re-wound it and played it back.
He actually sank to his knees in shock at what he heard.
“Get away… Get help,” The voice on the recorder said.

Jordan walked very slowly through the town, occasionally going into one
of the deserted shops for a few minutes to try and catch anything
there, but to no avail.
Finally coming to the last house on the block, she walked up to the
window and looked in. The room was in shambles, with shelves collapsed
onto the floor and cobwebs everywhere.
She walked over to the unlocked door and opened it, briefly feeling a
rush of cold air, but dismissed it as the built up air from the shop
blowing out, though she wasn’t entirely convinced.
She walked inside, slowly moving through the debris, until she came to
one area that wasn’t damaged, curious, she walked over to it. There wasn’t even any dust.
“That’s strange…” She said quietly, turning around, her eyes glued to
the small screen. As she turned, her leg hit something, making her
stumble, she glanced down at her leg briefly, and then back at the
camera and shrieked in freight.
There was a figure standing right in front of her.

Danielle walked out of the building she had been in, looking up and
down the street for Jordan. She turned and started walking up the
street, to the one store that caught her eye up here. It looked to be
an abandoned toy store, with the dolls and teddy bears, once looking
brand new and cheerful, now looked like something out of a Chucky movie.
She walked inside, coughing as her footsteps kicked up dust that had
been sitting, undisturbed for who knows how long. She walked around the
store, picturing it in its heyday, when it was clean, and the toys were
on the shelves and the children who must have begged parents to let
them come inside to buy a new friend.
She heard something behind her. She turned sharply, camera in one hand,
flashlight in the other, to find nothing there. She relaxed and started moving again.
She stopped in one of the aisles not in shambles and knelt by a doll
that looked as though it was supposed to be a rag doll, though you
could hardly tell anymore, with most of its hair gone and one of the
eyes missing, and, perhaps one of the more freaky things about it: it
was frowning. She leaned closer, confused. She thought all dolls had a smile.
She heard Jordan scream, startling her into dropping her flashlight.
She cursed and reached for it, when a scream was ripped from her throat.
The doll now wore a smirk as it stood in the light of the flashlight.

Jack and Steve came running, hearing both the girls’ screams.
When they were in the middle of the road, trying to decide which
direction to go it, they heard a cracking sound and looked down at
their feet: the road beneath them had a massive crack in it.
They looked at each other in shock, just before the ground caved in
below them.

No one ever comes to the Old Town, and this is why, if you try, you
will meet your end. Some say that the ghosts of the four teenagers now
haunt the Old Town, scaring away anyone who would dare intrude upon
their sanctum, and so it shall always be.


                          The End

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  1. WOW! This story was SCArY! :D It was the perfect Halloween story!
    Fantastic writing and so creative! I love this tale!