This is NOT working.

I can't do it anymore.
Not anymore.

I just can't.

Writing. is. finished.

I sat down to write and nothing came out.
All my ideas, plots, lines, action scenes to write, nothing.

I'm blank and forever shall be those pages I wished to publish one day.

Oh well... I guess it's plan B then...

'Dare to Suck' Carrie Hope Fletcher


  1. It's called writer's block Flame. Stop be so melodramatic

  2. Flame. Seriously. I just wrote a loverly comment of encouragement on your previous post. A post that seemed to me to come from a determined writer. A writer who will do what it takes to WRITE.

    I know you can be that writer. You're just goin through a spell that every writer has been through before. You'll get over it, there's no way you can't. If your story is that good, it'll kick you In the butt until you write it.

    And I believe that you gave US permission to hit you too... *wallops head with a pipe* consider that one of many to come if you give up ;)

    That's what this blog is for, it's a medium of encouragement without which none of us could realise our potential. So go ahead and realise it, damn it! It doesn't have to be now, take a break, wait until you feel like writing again, then BLOW US AWAY!!!!!!

    *runs out of encouraging juice*

  3. Phoenix!
    Don't say that!
    You're a completely brilliant writer, and I love reading your stuff!

    Listen, this happens to me ALL the time... I look at a blank screen or a blank page for AGES, and I just can't think of anything. Sometimes I just get impatient and say, "Forget it." Then I go and do something else, but I still FEEL like writing.
    When it gets to that, I determine to write about SOMETHING no matter what. I just come up with some random sentence off the top of my head and keep going from there.
    Sometimes it's with stories, but more often -for me, anyway- it's with poems when I'm sitting in my room and wanting to write one... I sit there, and then I turn on some music [lately ThePianoGuys like crazy], and then I sit there some more.

    Anyway, the point is, don't give up!
    Writing, more than anything, I'm learning, takes a lot of patience, a lot of practice, and a lot of listening to music or looking around my room repetitively until I get some random idea.
    You're too awesome of a writer to stop now. :3

  4. come on, give it time, I'm sure some new ideas will come out