Under Construction [SKYRIL, READ THIS.] *EDIT

As you may have noticed, there is a new background. It is a template. If Skyril allows me, I will make width adjustments and such so the blog is spiff and fancy. I have a lot of ideas, so . . . can I at least try? And then if you don't like it, I can take it away.

*I went ahead and did it because I got tired of waiting. :P I must just add the header and voila!



  1. It's sort-of okay~ But the bottom is screwed up. O.o

  2. Mostly, I like it a lot!
    There are just a couple things I'd like to quirk... Like it's hard to read the comments against the light background so maybe I'll change the color.
    Otherwise, it looks pretty cool :D

  3. WoOT!
    Beans! :D

    In other words, it look awesome, Gep. :P
    I LOVE the top/header/banner/whaddyoucallit! It's so kewl! :3