Zombie Short Story Competition Entry #2

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  On the dawn of the new day, Larry decided it would be a good day. He got up, brushed his teeth, buffed his ego by talking to himself in the reflection of the mirror, combed his hair until he was afraid of losing any more of it, and tried his best not to remember that he was fired just the day before. "You're a handsome one, you know that Larry?" He struck a pose in the mirror. "Not only that, but you're so clever it hurts sometimes! And... and... You don't have a job..." Larry deflated slightly, but recovered quickly. "But that's because you didn't LIKE that job! You didn't want to be there anyway! They were always so demanding! Asking you to DO things. Not very nice, at all." He grinned, and punched the air with his fist. "Now you're going to GO out there and get a job that you want! A job that is MUCH better than the last one! You're going to be amazing! Knock those guys dead!" He smiled. 

  What Larry didn't realize was that the people he was going to see about a job were more sinister than they appeared. On the front, it was just a building, a normal, average, every day building where people would go work and nothing seemed odd to them. The only problem was that in the background, in the basement, in the secret crevices of this building, stranger things were going on. Men with white jackets and scarred faces would slip past everyone and disappear through a wall, only to be remembered as a ghost story by some delusional secretary and laughed about later.
  Unfortunately for said secretary, it was not just a shadow she saw or a trick of the light. Indeed, it was a man, just as she thought she’d seen, and once someone had seen a man, this apparition, so they thought, they didn't last long. True, usually it would be passed as a candle bumped over in the night, or a kidnapping, or simply a car accident, but one thing was true about all these cases, and that was that their human remains would never be discovered but for perhaps a few teeth to identify them by.

  In all the world, however, there seemed to be only one man interested in these stories. His name was Jacob Moro, and he was a journalist. At least, that's what he used to be, but he himself had come onto some bad luck recently, and also lost his job as Larry had. The reason was more diverse, though, for Jacob had been fired because he was tracking down too many "ghost stories," and too many important people had politely requested that he be thrown out of his job immediately. His bosses had eventually agreed that it was time to cut their losses and let him go.
  Jacob was in too deep by now, however, and swore that he would find proof if it was the death of him.

  Larry, as it happened, had acquired the job he was hoping to get and started work immediately. His co-workers were like everybody else, and his job was altogether mellow, but at the same time, he always thought his bosses were a little strange..., A quirk here, a mishap there, and those quirks added up to something not quite the level of "average." Larry didn't think too deeply into it, though, ruling their oddity as the reason for them being the bosses, and Larry... not so much.
  But it occurred to him that perhaps if he acquired some of these habits of his superiors, that maybe he would see things just a little differently and would one day be a boss himself. Unfortunately for Larry, these quirks of his bosses weren't very good ones, but he didn't realize that, having only seen the shallowest of these habits, and all the other, dreadful things remained a secret.
  It was his third month at his new job when he noticed Marvin, one of these said bosses walking into a construction area in the office that no one was supposed to go into. With curiosity [having never heard the adverb "Curiosity kills the cat"] he followed.

  Jacob, on the other hand, knew the signs by now of these strange men. You see, he had been watching and sneaking in and pulling out report after report of unfortunate accident that fell upon the employees of this building for a long time, and when Marvin disappeared behind the yellow tape blocking off the construction site, he was watching. He waited a moment, and saw someone else following the man. Jacob didn't know who Larry was, of course, but didn’t he think that he was involved in the happenings. Nonetheless, he was suspicious and waited another moment before following after him.
  Passing behind the tape and the plastic curtains hanging in his way, he slipped into the construction site as quietly as he could. He heard voices ahead of him and jumped to the side to lean against the wall. Only peering around slightly with a recorder in his hand, to see the most horrible thing he'd ever seen before in his life.

  Larry couldn't contain the squeal of terror that escaped him when he rounded the corner Marvin had turned. There were men in white lab coats, splattered with blood, and there were knives and pincers and tweezers and things to stab and dissect with, and in the middle of the room was a drain with blood dripping through it slowly. Marvin had whipped around at the sound of Larry's screech and caught sight of him, cowering, his hands clutched to his chest in fright. Immediately he was surrounded and grabbed with yells of, "Let me go, you monster! You horrible, disgusting- DON'T TOUCH ME! OW! STOP! MARVIN! HELP! MARVIN!"
  Marvin sighed, "I knew it was a bad idea to set up here..., But what could we do with that pesky journalist on our backs? Ah, well, we WERE getting low on test subjects anyway." He turned his head, and Larry followed his gaze. There, in the middle of the room, was a bloodied metal slab with straps, and lights above it and needles and liquids bubbling on a table beside it with more knives that didn't look entirely sanitary.
  Larry's eyes got a little wider, and he bucked and stretched and tried his hardest to get free, and actually seemed to have a chance for just a moment, but was grabbed and restrained and strapped much too tightly to the metal slab in just moments.

  Jacob was trembling, shutting his eyes and wishing he were somewhere else when the screams started. He had never imagined things were this bad. But he stayed, getting absolutely everything on tape. No one came his direction, which he was grateful for because he didn't know whether he could get his legs to move.
  After a while, the screams turned to whimpers, and then went away completely when Larry had either fainted or died. Jacob didn't know which it was. Jacob gulped, wondering if he should try to move and get away, but they started talking again so he stayed.
  "My word, has it worked?" Marvin asked in wonder.
"I... think we've done it," someone else replied in shock.
"Look! His eyes! He's alive! We've done it!"
Jacob heard the men clapping hands and slapping each other on the back until..., "Just a second..." A female voice muttered. "He has no pulse."
"But...," Marvin spoke in confusion, "his eyes are open! Look! His head is moving! What.... what is he?"
"Oh my... I didn't think it was possible... Oh no... oh no!"
"What? What it is?"
"We've created.... a zombie... It's... it's a monster!"
Jacob heard the woman who had spoken before suddenly scream and beg for mercy, and Marvin started shouting "Kill it! KILL IT!" over the woman's shrieks. Jacob collapsed on the floor, beads of sweat rolling off his forehead. He pressed himself as close to the wall as possible, unable to do anything else out of complete and utter immovable fear as more screams and thuds and crunching sounds filled his ears.
  Then..., suddenly.., all was silent. A moment passed. Jacob swallowed, and a footstep came towards him, followed by another..., and another. Slow footsteps that dragged a bit on the cold, bloody floor.
  Jacob was on his feet, shoving the plastic curtains aside and running through them. He glanced over his shoulder but didn't see anything, and with a cry, he collided with someone and fell on his backside, looking up at Larry, who stared down at him with hollow eyes. Larry’s clothes were torn apart from the "operation" the others had performed on him, and there was blood everywhere and stitches. Larry stared down at him, his eyes dead, uncaring.
  Jacob was frozen, caught like a rabbit in the eyes of snake. Larry's hand reached out...
Jacob Moro was never heard from again.

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