Zombie Short Story

Ok, I seriously only have 2 minutes, 40 seconds to write this, but I really wanted to remind everyone that today is the 10th, and I need your entries for the short story competition by the 20th!
You have ten days left! :D
Have fun!

Also, I'm wondering if we should have a short story competition on a regular basis with the winner being the king or queen of whatever the story was about?
What do you guys think?


  1. WHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been stupid enough to let myself get busy enough to not be able to check the blog! *stupid,stupid,headdesk,stupid* I'd have written a zombie story in a day if I didn't have homework deadlines -.- ! But I love the regular short story idea! (You know we only got to write ONE last year in english??? RIDICULOUS!!!)

    1. Yaaay!
      That makes me happy. :D
      No one really replied so I was wondering if people actually liked the idea or not...
      Anyone besides me that is xD