HEYO [Edit]*

  Just needed to give a bit of a... well, actually, HEYO to everyone :P
This blog is getting SLOW!
~eyeballs everyone~
  Just so you know, it's painful when you get struck in the head with a rotten walnut.
I experimented.
Just saying.


  Ok, I think SPG-UnitedToWrite.blogspot.com needs just a touch of a make over? Don't you?
Yes, no, maybe so?
  Well, I'll just change it a wee bit here and there. Perhaps add some COLOR and some new things. I'm not sure yet!
We shall see!
I've edited it somewhat, added color and various things. What do you guys think of it? I might do a little more, add some other gadget or something... I'm still thinking, looking, things like that :D.
Oh, by the way, contributors and archive are both at the very bottom. Scroll down all the way.
Ah, one more thing, I added the activity  chart and pageviews on the topright. Unfortunately, it didn't count all of the previous pageviews [like I thought it would]. Honestly, we have over 10,000 pageviews, just so you know. And the activity is over the last 30 days.

  Anyway, I know it's hard, but think about it, you really DO want to write even if you don't feel like it at some particular time.
  I think about it this way occasionally- I have a world. It's mine. ~laughs~ I can do whatsoever I want to! So don't get stumped, make something happen, anything, just because you can.

"If you wait for inspiration, you're not a writer, but a waiter. "

"I admire anybody who has the guts to write anything at all."
-E. B. White

"We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down."
-Kurt Vonnegut

"If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed."
-David Viscott


  1. Thanks for this remeinder post Skyril. Love thechanges you made to the blog too. :D *hgus*

  2. I think I'm going to make a template for this blog.