A Reminder

Just to remind you guys what this is and why you're doing it! (I've been seeing a lot of nonactive people lately.)

Hullo, everyone! :]
I'm Skyril!
And if you're reading this than I'm sure you probably already know that and are waiting for me to get on with this little explanation.
But first, cupcakes!
~passes out cupcakes~
Everyone comfortable? Okie-doke, then, I shall begin.

The name and url of this blog have a meaning, deeper than you may have first guessed. A good bit of thought and edits were put into both of them.
First off, the url, SPG-UnitedToWrite.blogspot.com. SPG stands for Skulduggery Pleasant Gang. Skulduggery Pleasant gang united to write. We'll get to the details of this in a moment, but first, the title of the blog.
Writers Rule the World. We decided on this name because the SP gang spreads across the earth from Louisiana to Yorkshire, from Sydney to Michigan, from California to Kilarney, and everywhere in between.
Writers from everywhere have united together through one man, one book, and now, what I hope for is something new to unite us as well.
The thought came from one longing.
One wish.
One aim.
One problem.
For us all to get together, all of the SP gang, and to meet and have fun. The problem with that is, most of us probably don't have enough money to get to that someplace to meet.
Well, thinking about that problem and trying to figure out a solution, seeing as I'm rather unlikely to win the lottery anytime soon, especially since I don't buy lottery tickets so therefore could not win and furthermore could not buy all of you plane tickets and hotel rooms and all that, an idea bloomed in my mind. That very idea is what drove me to create this blog after some considerate discussion and planning with one Legolas.
You see, all of you are so very clever, so very clever indeed. You write poetry, stories, songs, and many other fantastic things. Your skills in these trades shock me daily. So, I thought, we should use those skills. You should use those skills.
Use them to write a book.
Separate, wonderful books.
I just know, they're gonna be awesome!
I know that it might sound a bit silly right now, but I have faith.
You see, we've come up with a plan that Lego and I and whomever else that wants to will follow. It's a simple plan, true, but I think it will work.
So, starting on the first of October, we will begin to write and try our best to write at least a paragraph a day. We'll write and write till we reach the end, however long it takes. Then, once we're satisfied with it, we'll show one another somehow and give suggestions, or make small edits to help make it better. Then, of course, we'll try to get them published. :]
What this blog is for, is, well, a lot of things. Whomever wishes to do this with us will be made a member of the blog so that he can write a post if he so wishes.
You ask what we'd be posting about? Well, again, there are a lot of things you could post, such as hardships you're going through with writing your novel, encouragement to others, celebrations or exciting things that have happened, or, anything!
That's the plan.
It might not make us wealthy in the slightest. It might make us tired and sore; however, I think it will still be great fun no matter what.
If you wish to join and participate, then that's wonderful, and it will be a high encouragement to those already a part of it.
But, if you do join, I would appreciate it if you visited this blog frequently. Perhaps bookmark it or leave a reminder somewhere where it will be hard to forget. I would also appreciate if you commented or wrote a post sometimes to let everyone else know that you're still around, still writing, still sharpening the fantastic skills each of you already has.
If you do say yes, you want to do this with us, then leave a comment on this post with your email, any questions you might have, and anything else you'd like to say. You have till the end of September to sign up because remember, starting on October first we'll begin our writing.

I really hope to see many of you like this idea and sign up. For me, my heart has been pounding ever since I thought about actually doing this, and I've been grinning madly the entire time. :D

The only thing I need from you if you decide to sign up is your email so that I can make you a member :]
I hope to see you all here soon :]

"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd."

EDIT: I know October has already come, but if anyone else would like to join, feel free. :]

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