(Published) Teen Authors

Everyone was upset and/or asking about published teenage authors a while back. I now have a list of about five and their blogs if they have them (or links to their writings).

Cayla Kluver (16), author of Legacy and Allegiance (third book to come): Blog

Alexandra Adornetto (17), author of Halo (there's probably other books in the series by now).

Amelia Atwater (14), author of a lot of books (too many to name): Blog

Flavia Bujor (15), author of The Prophecy of the Stones: A Novel: Amazon

Steph Bowe (16), author of Girl Saves Boy: Blog

And those people are the ones that published closest to my own age. There's a lot of 18-19 published young authors too, but I felt the need not to include them because I'm cruel like that. Now, those people are probably about 18+ by now, but they published at the ages I put in brackets. :) Hope you enjoyed this!



  1. That's awesome!
    I always wondered about young writers being published, but this is perfect!

  2. I really want to be added to that list...

  3. Nix, I want to be added there; too But it won't happen till like i'm sixty four and olllllld and nearly dead.