Hey, guys, what's up?
How's the writing going?
Are you guys trying to write? xD
No, believe me, I know how tough it is. I try to write so many times, and I just sigh, feeling like doing something else.
Still, I believe persistence is the path to victory! [Hey! I just came up with that myself... Or maybe I read it somewhere, and that's my subconscious bringing it to memory when I need it... Hmmm]

So, I'd like everyone to answer some questions.
Just when you get a chance, copy and paste and post as a blog entry.
If there's something you especially don't want to answer like a particular name you don't want anyone using or a fact that reveals too much about the story, just leave it blank.

But I'm going to create some questions, and hopefully, it will help some of you in thinking of things and maybe it will even give you some ideas in writing.
I find that ideas come to me like a bolt from the blue- completely unexpectedly.
What I think, by the way, is that you're a bunch of ridiculously talented people who can really make something awesome. You've just GOT to stick to it!
I KNOW you can do it, I really do.
So don't let this become one of those old blogs that seemed like a good idea, but never really took off. I don't want it to fade into the background because we're just too lazy.
Tell us what's up. Ask questions. Jabber incessantly for no particular reason JUST because you feel like it.
It's fun, really. :3

Ok, now, questions. I need to stop getting sidetracked. TOO MUCH TO SAY! TOO LITTLE TIME O_O

1.What's your main character's name?

2.Does he have a sidekick?

3.What's one of your characters' deepest darkest secrets?

4.Have you yet taken Raymond Chandler's advice or plan to? -"When in doubt, have a man walk through the door holding a gun."

5.Have you cracked any jokes that no one understands, leaving the teller of said joke coughing, and mumbling, "Nevermind..."?

6.Are there any umbrellas in your story? Umbrellas are funny... and useful... especially when you bash someone over the head with one :3

7.Are there any animals?

8.Are there any creatures not of earth?

9.Do you like your characters?

10. What could you do to like them more?

There! Ten questions :3
So when you get a chance, make a blog post about it!
Also, just hang out here sometimes, you know. Post something about how far you are or what you'd like to do or just ramble because that's always fun and rather interesting. :}

Yeah... interesting...

This picture makes me smile

Now, seriously, make magic. It's your world. Meld it :]

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein


  1. This is cool, Skyril! I'm going to use this. Thanks. :) And I'll give you credit for the meme. That's what this is called. Well, according to a lot of people on Deviant Art. A text meme. Where someone creates questions and others answer them on their own accounts, or in this case, blogs. :)

    Well, I think a meme is where the questions get answered with drawings, but a text meme is where you write the answers.

    Oh. And, if you like, I could give you the link to the answered questions.

    1. Ah, yeah, I guess it would be called a meme, huh? I never really thought about it like that :P

      That sounds cool too. I'd like to see that :D

  2. Sky- do you mean everyone?

    And if you do- on here or our own blogs?

    1. Well, yes, everyone when they get a chance. Everyone doesn't HAVE to, but I think it would be really fun and useful to see them all :3
      And here :]