Oh, by the way!
I really need these OC's
If you guys could pretty please post yours in the comment section, it would be great.
OH AND EVERYONE WHO IS NOT THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE, READ THE POST BELOW [The following people should also read the post below, but only AFTER posting your OC :P]

Nyx Willows
Natalie Jay
Acacia Volt
Elisabeth Vauge
Dantea Dredkin
Luciana Scath
Nixion Strange

By the way, Luce, I realize you don't know why I need your OC, but that's because you weren't here when I made the announcement... a while ago... that I've been REALLY trying to fulfill and doing a poor job of it xD
Still, I'm working on getting something done with everyone's personal OC. The character you are :D
It's a good thing, I promise.

So A.S.A.P
OC'S, please!


  1. Elisabeth isn't an OC, thats me :P

    So yeah...

    Name: Elisabeth "Lizzy" Vague
    Age: Teen
    Hair: Short brown hair with random bits of color. Hair style is rather manly and messy.
    Eyes: Green, with purple glasses
    Powers: Human, but pretty strong (I can do 130lb deadlift :P) Well trained in martial arts and unarmed combat.
    Weapons: Shotguns, The Pink, handguns. Any kind of gun really. Uses Penny Wights, which are rolls of pennies that you hold in your hand to add oomph to a punch. Also caries around a machete in a sheath at the hip.
    Clothes: Baggy jeans, boots, and tank tops.

    Ummm, yup, thats it. Email me if you have any more questions! :D

  2. I'm guessing this is for a story? Why am I here? Oh yeah. I want to ask (even though I think I already know) if this is for a new story or you want only some people OC's. Now I forgot why I was here again...

  3. Nix! Skyril has been generous with all of us here and arranged to have an artist from DA to create our OC's using her own style of art! SO she needs to have our OC's so she can pass them on to the artist! :D
    *huggies Elisabeth "Lizzy" Vague* SO adorable!

  4. @Elisabeth
    Oh, well, okie. I didn't know if that was you or one of your OC's :P I just needed your main... one xD

    Yeah, what Kal said is correct!
    It's not for a story but for this other thing I'm doing to give everyone something special for their hard work :3

    ~raises eyebrow back at Rose~

    1. And I just noticed a grammar error I made O_O

      *Give everyone something special for HIS hard work

      The one's and the body's are singular :P

  5. Replies
    1. Wellllll, it's technically only for the blog members here, but if you want to join, you may!
      I don't know if you know this or not, but this blog is to help everyone and encourage them to write about a paragraph a day of his book :3
      I just need your email if you want to :]

    If you don't want mt to join, that's fine

  7. March Pathwaaaaaayyy~ :3

    ...Is that all? What do I do now?

  8. Name: Nixion Strange
    Age: 14, almost 15
    Magic: Adept
    Adept Ability/s: Bone Breaking – Tesseract
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Nixion is thin, taller than the average 14 year old with brown eyes that carry a dark tormented look in them. He has long brown hair that just reaches his eyes. He wears a protective jacket on special occasions, but most of the time, Nixion just wears black leather jacket, black jeans and a t- shirt. Black boots cover his feet and he carries a machete with him at all times.