KONY 2012

   You have probably heard this name from Derek Landy's recent blog post, or from the YouTube video that is spinning everybody's conversations. If you have not, then keep reading. If you have ... You should probably still read.
   Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army. His army is unique in the way that it does not include trained killers, or fighting machines. It includes children. Children that Joseph Kony abducts. The girls, he makes into sex slaves. The boys, he turns into soldiers. He blindfolds the children, tells them to shoot ahead, and then places their own parents in front of them. He then tells them, "You have now killed your own mother and father. You now belong to me."
   My school, in particular, has been buzzing with the news of this man. Posters, all over the bathrooms, classrooms, and hallways. Everywhere I look, people wearing red. Some argue that this man is in Uganda, and America shouldn't help what doesn't affect us. Some say that this movement is a scam.
   This movement is everywhere. And anything that gives people something to believe in, something to fight for, is worth fighting for. Who cares if this is taking place a million miles away? If this was happening to American children, America would be begging for help. We would then become angry when we receive no help. That is whats wrong with this government. We are too cruel, too selfish to forget the trivial things like distance, and profit. The fact is, these hideous crimes against humanity are taking place somewhere. Now.
   So. YouTube KONY 2012, and see for yourself. Find your own opinion. Don't listen to mine. Listen to your OWN. If you would like to help the cause, there is an easy way to do this.
   Make Joseph Kony famous.
   Tape homemade papers, with only his name, in your school, or on your neighborhood. People will be curious. They will find their own way to find who this monster is.
   Wear red.
   If people ask, TELL THEM WHO HE IS.
   Make all your friends watch the video.
   We CAN start this, even if we are millions of miles away.


  1. I really do want to start to make a difference with this. I just posted the video on my facebook encouraging my friends to watch it and to help if they can. Unfortunatley, the KONY 2012 action packs are sold out so I can't order one the now. Well, I guess it's not unfortunate - It means people are doing something ^^

    I have yet to hear of anyone in my local area mention KONY 2012 and I want to be the first one to paint the town red with posters. I really hope that everyone else cares about this too. Because we could do this but only if people want to.

    And I know I want to ;)

  2. I want to raise awareness about Kony. This is an awful thing going on, and we need to stop it. But I am not going to donate to KONY2012 yet. They're not the best with the money they're given. I think this video explains it a lot better than I can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_757771&feature=iv&src_vid=rLc3CzNLkMs&v=kO_tSVSg0qc

    But I do want to help. I will just do so in my own way.

  3. Yes, I have heard tell that the Invisible Children group only gives 31%....I don't know what to believe

  4. Yeah, I don't think people around where I live really know... but I've just emailed everyone on my contacts list the link and I'm HOPING to do a fundraiser thing in my school.... but the thing is, I dunno where to give the money. Cuz I've heard that the visible children or invisable children (whichever they're called, i've heard both) give almost seventy percent of the money to staff and put it into making movies... and i'm not sure if I agree with this. But I feel i need to do SOMETHING to help.