Teenagers get published too ^^


Now that that's done with, I'll just get to the point.

If anyone here was ever having doubts that you may be too young to get published, think again. At first, I didn't hold high hopes for getting anything published at my age. I couldn't imagine it happening. But, in my english class today at school, I heard A LOT of stories of teenagers getting their work published.

My teacher showed us multiple essays that were published written by people around 16. But what's better is that my friend told me she'd read a book that was written by a 14-year-old girl from France (that was translated into english of course...) and that it was AMAZING!

So just think - Try hard enough, and your book could be loved all over the world. No matter how old you are ;D

Good Luck, and keep writing guys! XD


  1. :) And the guy who wrote Eragon started when he was only 15. :P never too young to be amazing!

    1. Awesome! I WAS kind of wondering about that. I wasn't sure if they'd let someone younger than 18 get published. Thanks for letting me know :D

  2. Yeah I used to think there was like an age requirements for getting published.

    BUT THEN, I went to the library and there was an author there and he told me that his son was reading a book that was written by a TWELVE-YEAR-OLD.

    So I was like, "yay!"

    And then a few days ago I found out that one of the twelve-year-old members here have written and published a book and it can be found on Amazon.

    So yay for pre-teen and teenage writers!!!