The following names are all the OC's I've been unable to find on Lizzy's TheSpotForBios.blogspot.com.

Nyx Willows
NJ Marverick
Natalie Jay
Acacia Volt
Elisabeth Vauge
Dantea Dredkin

If you guys could please either post your oc's here or on her blog and let me know, that would be good.

I'm terribly sorry for the delays... For some reason it's not going very smoothly and everything's taking forever. It WILL happen, though!
I guess you'll have to be patient -_-


  1. Name: NJ Maverick
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Grey/Blue eyes Tall, slim, Pale.
    Magic: Sigil, Training (One of China Sorrow's students)
    Nationality: Irish (Northern Ireland)
    Clothes: Anything that she likes, isnt fussy over fashion but likes nice clothes. Boots.
    Friends: Lilith, Kallista, Iris Blackflower, Jasmine Lovelace, and others.
    Personality: Bubbly, happy, loud, can be quiet, Logical, realistic, can take a joke,
    Likes: Chocolate, having Milly days.
    Dislikes: Brussel sprouts, Zombies, Necromancers of any kind (that's why she hates her brothers)
    Transport: Astin Martin v12 Vanquish
    History: Born and raised in Northern Ireland, has 2 brothers (Necromancers) and a Half sister Augurii, who is elemental. She left home at the age of fourteen in search of her sister who left home when she was 12.
    She started taking an interest in sigils from a very young age, teaching herself. When China Sorrows start teaching young Sorcerers sigil magic, she was one of the Students and excelled in what she was being taught.
    Recent activity: Lives with her sister Augurii, travels over the place.

  2. Whoops! I was meaning to get round to that ^^

    Name : Regaal (pronouced like 'regal' but with a long 'a')
    Age : Between 16/17
    Gender : Female
    Appearance : Raven black hair, sits rather neatly just past her shoulders. Cold expression, dark blue eyes, pale skin. High cheekbones, stern face, although beautiful. Slim, medium height, slightly muscular.
    Weapon : Bow and Arrow
    Clothes : Dressy shirt (sleeves stop just past the elbows) and waistcoat. Slim jeans and long, sturdy yet stylish boots. Quiver of arrows straped to her back. An archer's arm guard on her left arm and a leather glove on her right hand.
    Personality : Very strict when it comes to a mission, but not much fun at the best of times. Likes things that have very regal decorations (get it? ^^) All-work-and-no-play kind of girl. Always calm. Isn't very friendly at all and doesn't seem to care for anyone's feelings. Prefers to be alone, but is usually stuck with others. Smiles are rare from this one...

    This is a charatcer in my story. Thought it'd be cool to use her for this :)

  3. Alrighty, thanks! And sorry for the slow reply xD