So, I think this has been a LONG time coming. Just thought I'd say hey, how's it going. Maybe not..

So, I have nothing useful to post, I'm working on two books. Each of which are still on the first three chapters. I'm SO stuck....

And i have these chapters in my blog, which I shall leave a link to later on. And, I also have a new story which has two parts on my blog which, i shall also leave a link too.

And after this post, I'm going to go and post two poems on the poets of greatness, i shall leave a link in the comments..

Thats all.. I think.


I was in London the last few days. I HAD an AWESOME time.  I went to the London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds Wax Works Museum, LegoLand the Harry Potter STUDIOS. (It was filmed there!!!) (AND it was epic!) I also went to see Shrek the Musical and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Legoland wasn't the best, but the dungeons were brilliant.  I recommend them.

The wax work museum was good, we were queueing for an hour to get in. AND there was only two people on the cashiers. It was ridiculous.

Shrek the musical was inspirational.I loved it. If any of you have seen Wicked the musical, its way better than that. Honest.

Um.. The HP studios... EPIC. All the sets, props and shiz that were in the film were all there. It was amazing!!! There was a shop where they were selling HP stuff, and i nearly fainted, the amount of stuff.... I GOT A HP REPLICA WAND *scream* I've wanted one since i was eight.. I got McGonegels. (spelt wrong, i know. SHUSH) I love it... They have everything there, even a huge scale model of Hogwarts at the end!!! It was huge like. It was amazing. AND they also had a load of wand boxes at the end with every cast, crew and everyone that was involved in HP names on them. It was truly amazing.

AND i think i'll leave it at that.



  1. :O WHoooooaaaahhh...

    You got to see the dungeons?! Luckyyyyy! I wanna see 'em. That, and the catacombs of london. >:D

    And... are you aware that Octa also went to see the Harry Potter studios? YOU COULD'VE WALKED BY HIM AND NOT REALIZED! That just makes me crack up. HAH!


  2. Flame I am actually so jealous right now.
    Not even exaggerating.
    It all sounds awesome!!
    Glad you had an awesome time!!


    That sounds awesome!!! I went to London last year on a school trip - saw Wicked and can't believe anything could be better than that 0_0
    And I'm going again next year - and surprise surprise, they're taking us to the HP Studios!!! I can't wait to go!!! Ahhh!!! I want a wand!!!


    You've no idea how excited you have gotten me!!! XD