Camp NaNoWriMo

Erm, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month.
Many of you have probably heard of it...

If you haven't, it's a ... thing, where you write a novel (50, 000 words) in a month. One month! I know!!! So, basically these people are really optimistic, but anywho.

It's on in November, but if you can't do it then, there's a camp in August.

So, if you have an idea for a novel in mind, and you're confident that it's one you're going to finish, then I suggest you join! Ideally it should be from scratch, but I suppose a few hundred words wouldn't matter much...

Even though I am NOT going to get to 50,000 words in ONE month, I joined. Hehe. Oops.

So I'm doing it in August, I think Gepard is too, and I'm pretty sure Flame is doing it in November... if you have joined or are thinking of joining, say it here! It's one heck of a task, so we need to motivate each other!




  1. That's really awesome that you guys are doing that!
    I'm afraid I would either not have the time, or I wouldn't know where to go with the book, or I would finish it too soon or too late or something xD

    But I still love the idea. It's definitely a major help in trying to write books and everything!
    I hope you guys have fun!
    I want to do it one of these days too :3

  2. Yeah, I've heard loads of people doing it - but I don't think I would do it just yet... I don't think I have any plans for another book, so I wouldn't know what I was doing lol! I'm just planning to focus on my current book over the summer :) But yeah, I will do it eventually - sounds like fun! (If you have a free month ^^)

  3. Oh who am I kidding I'm not getting anywhere near 50k in a MONTH! *facepalm* oh well. I may get 10- 20k.


    *plays Für Elise instead*

  4. *Has already started his book and is going to cheat a bit*


  5. I ist also CampNano IN November. So.. yeah..


  6. I've got a story that I'm planning for it to be novel-length... I've already got one chapter, and the whole plot is already in my head.. Does that count as cheating? :P

    I might do it in August.. I'll have plenty of time. But still, I bet I'd get stuck. You need to do an average 6K a day, which is a lot.... But I shall try! :D

  7. Yeah, Red, I suppose you could do it with what you've already written. I mean, 50k in one month is a LOT to expect from someone...

  8. *has 4,00 written on two stories*

    *will be doing it in august and November*

    Ill do both.

  9. Actually Pink, it's not on in July. It was this month (June) and again in August.

    1. Oh, okay thanks Gep. *goes to edit*