... Damn, I've forgotten!

...I'm pretty sure that I was planning to post something here, that I seemed to be really excited about. But see, I can't remember what that was. I think it was yesterday? I dunno...
To be honest, I'm starting to think it was a dream! Quite lately, I've been having A LOT of dreams that are really realistic. It's getting so bad, I can't tell if I dreamt something that happened or not ^^;

Well anyway, even though it was likely to just be a dream, I'm still sure it'll come back to me - I can kind of feel it... NO idea what it was though XD
(I would make a bad psychic lol!)
I still felt like I had to post something, even if it's about nothing really... Sorry to waste your time! Haha!

Right, let's make this worthwhile then - When is the summer  holidays for everyone? I guess everyone's will start at different times. Mine starts on friday, and I'm looking forward to lots~ of writing time! (*glares* And so should you... -.-)

So, everyone! UPDATES! I haven't heard form a lot of people in a long time :( WE MISS YOU! Tell us all what's been up people! :D

(And now for some writing!... Not the good kind. I have to write an 800 word discursive essay on homelessness, for tommorrow. I really should have started sooner an-oH mY gOd I cAn ChAnGe CoLoUr.)


  1. I hate when I get my dreams mixed up with reality! It's so annoying. And sometimes I do something in my dream that I planned to do in real life, and then I'm like "did I actually do that or..."

    Yeah, it's annoying.

    I get off at 12: 20pm next Wednesday. My last day of primary. Gah!

    I'll be writing LOADS in August, not much up to then though. Might do a fanfic.

    Essay on homelessness... hmm. =.=

    1. Whew! I'm not the only one! haha :D

      Well, I hope you enjoy your summer! (I know I will bleh...) August will be good then :) What would you do a fanfic about?

      (and yeah, that face ---> =.= is my face as I'm writing and researching it. You're lucky you're just finishing primary! You won't have to do essays like this for a while XD)

  2. I'll be off at the exact same time as Rose. I won't be able to write much. Stupid parents who always ruin my summer.

    1. Coincidences yey! XD

      How come? Will your parents be keeping you busy or something? :?

    2. Yes. Cleaning. And since we're moving, I think.

    3. Oh wow! Where do you... think you'll be moving to? Somewhere close-by or ridiculously far away like in the movies? :D

    4. Close by. I'd say no, if it was far away. And it would be hard to get me to school on time if it was far away :P

    5. Yeah, but if you WERE in the movies (like I'm imagining you are...) you would just catch a private jet every morning XD

  3. I'm working as a camp counselor and I'm going to Canada for two weeks in August. Not much time for writing right now, but I'm gonna try!

    Also Homestuck :P

  4. Awesome - sounds like fun, and I'm sure you'll find some time for writing :)

    And yes, I should have made that clear. Summer is for writing and Homestuck :o) (<---- My patron troll is Gamzee if you couldn't tell from the purple text and stuff ^^)

    I keep writing only just a bit or intending to, and not having enough time to do it :P
    Unfortunately, I don't think the summer will particularly help either xP
    It's... complicated.
    But still, I promise to try to write more!
    And update as well!
    I've not posted much here for a while... particularly not on stories :P
    I need to do that ~nods~

    I finally understand why people wish there were more hours in the day :P

    I keep trying to save up for one of those notebook laptops so that it would be easier to write, but I don't really get an allowance or have a job so it's really slow going xD
    Still, I'm getting there. That would make such a major difference, I think, because if I had one of those, I could write in my room before I went to bed and all that.
    ... Oh, how I wish I had one :P
    Hopefully I can get one soon!

    1. I know what you mean. I've been like that lately too - just feeling like I don't have time to write. But for me, that's because of school and busy schedules. That's why summer is good for me because I don't have to keep up with it all! I'm hoping for a relevantly uneventful summer so I can catch up on writing and other things :D

      I want my own laptop too - I have to kind of share one right now which is really annoying. Half of my writing is on my I-pod notes lol. I was supposed to be getting my dad's but he still uses it. There's nothing worse than being promised a laptop of your own, and then just being forgotten about, lol. :P

    2. Yeah, school, among other things... VERY time consuming xD

      Oo... ~huggles~
      Sorry about that. I can't imagine how annoying that would be xD
      Hopefully he'll... remember soon?

    3. *hugs back tighter than necessary*
      Well I mentioned it again lately, and asked my mum if she could ask him about it again... I saw it lying in the kitchen the other day and was just playing around with it thinking "Wow, I want it's pretty and square which I find cool and I want it but it's oddly heavy but I don't care I want it..." Lol, desperate much? XD

    4. LOL no, no, I get it completely xD
      A laptop all to yourself would be SO useful!
      And fun too. I love being able to fix up something however I like, you know, plus you can be anywhere and have a moment to write. You could even be in a car and write, you know? I really hope she mentions it to him, and he finally gives it to you comepletely!

    5. I know right? It'd be great! And thank you! I really hope you get one too! *huggsies*

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  7. It's winter down in Aus, but I do get a two week break next week... just no summer break...

  8. I'm in my summer holidays since the 20th :P

    I am /probably/ doing camp NaNoWriMo in August. Hopefully.

    But I'm moving twice this summer! (once with my mum and her husband, the second time my dad's moving in with his girlfriend). So yeah, not sure I'll have all the time I'd want...

    Ah well. This is still gonna be the best summer ever due to the fact that I'm seeing Pyro :>

    1. Yay!

      I hope you're able to reach the 50k mark! I know I won't... =P

      What's your username?

  9. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!