Sci-fi writing competition winner!

Due to the... ~cough cough~ Evenness of the votes for the two competition entries, I am going to declare the winners as tied!

Entry #1 ~gets overwhelmed by the insane applauding~ Exciting, clever, with wonderful characters! Pretty much totally brilliant. :3
Was written by... RAVEN!
Or as I like to call her, our very own Raygun!
~applause everywhere~

And Entry#2... ~a few half-hearted claps~
Well, you know. It was cool.
You gotta admit, it was a little bit cool, eh? eh?
LOL, well, that one was written by me! :]
I tried... >.>
~few more claps~

The winners!
The Supreme Commanders of the Mother Ship!

... That was fun. :3

See you for the next competition!

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