Writing Competition

Today will start the new short story writing competition!
~cheers heard all around~
~pauses until the cheering dies down~

Thank you, thank you....

Now! I bet you can all guess what the theme will be this time... CHRISTMAS!!!

Ok, anything, my friends, so long as Christmas is involved :D

Merry Christmas!


No more than 1700 words.
Must be your own, New characters.
Must be sent to sakura.c@goowy.com by the 12th of this month.
No "Xmas" stories. It's CHRISTMAS, got it? I'm a stickler...

And that's all! So long as you have fun ;]


  1. Thats a good subject SKy. I just thought of somethign though. Can there be an exception for people who want to write but can't cause they don't celebrate Christmas. Maybe they can write a story around their holiday. :D

    1. Sorry for the slow reply.
      Um, if anyone still has time to come up with something, what you say will be fine. For those poor souls who may not celebrate Christmas, you may write about a holiday around this time of year you do celebrate.

  2. I have decided to attempt to join! Because I am totally not busy or anything... But seriously. Expect stuff from me.

  3. Sounds awesome! I should be able to take part this time ^^
    Just finished my last prelim today, so I'm all freed up! *party poppers* I've already decided to do anything but school work for the next two weeks anyway, so I'll have plenty of time to try and write something... I have a feeling Christmas is gonna be a tough subject...

    Anyway (stop rambling) can't wait to read everyone's entries! ><

  4. I shall attempt to do this.
    If I can find the time.
    Awesome theme!!

  5. I, uh, only just found this just then.

    But because I'm me, I'm going to enter anyway!

    I'll get it to you as soon as possible. Can it still be in the Skulduggery Universe?

    1. Also, I'd like to contribute to this, if that's okay, so uh, my email is zathiernone@gmail.com

    2. Well, we were really trying to come up with completely new characters, new ideas and stories.
      If you want it in the world of Skul-man, make up new characters in it.

      And definitely! I just sent the invite :]
      Glad you wanted to join

    3. I didn't mean with the SP characters, I just meant in the universe.
      I never really write anything with cannon characters in it.

      But because t's the 11th now, I doubt I'll get it in on time. :/

  6. SKYRIL.

    *cowers in her mercy*

    I have one written, (halfishly), on a sheet. I'll type it up tomorrow and send it in!


    (hope that's ok).