Kallista Needs You!

Here are two different stories I had started sometime ago before meeting all of you. Sadly both are lost to me, maybe for good as the laptop they were written on broke. Up till now I had not thought of starting again. Instead I have used concepts from both of them to help write my fanfic. But now I take it all back and will start again.
I will most likely write or at least try to write both stories. But I wondered, which one should I do 1st?
I will give some info on each. It will be simplistic at best. Bear with me and please give me your opinions. It could be that neither story is worth while. :D
Thanks you for your time and help my dearly beloved friends.
Story number one.

A young girl of 10 or 11 years, a princess living in the Byzantine era.
She has 7 older brothers. Both parents. In the court and scattered in different areas of the country, a mysterious but noble group of magicians called the Magi. Brothers and father are part of this.  All are good and kind people. 
Brothers and father are away. She goes on an outing to the countryside with her lady attendants. While relaxing, they are attacked by the Ottomans.  Guards are killed. Girl is kidnapped. Only head lady attendant survives attack to tell family the news. Grieved and enraged they go on a hunt to find her. They never do.
Girl is sold to a rival kingdom where she is apprenticed to a malevolent court official, a dark magician. She is treated cruelly and taught dark magic. In a few years time she is introduced to the prince of that kingdom and set to wed him in a few years. She is used to lead a war against her own country and overthrows her fathers rule. She does not kill him or her brothers though. She has them put in jail. For a brief period she rules the country and is heartless and cruel. She is about 15 years at this time. I would say she is a bit of a puppet ruler.
He brothers and father escape and at the same time the citizens revolt. She flees but is captured and brought back in shame to be put on trial. She is sentenced to death much to the heartbreak of her family. Girl is still unrepentant. Head magi steps forward and finds a solution.
Magic is used and she is sentenced to be trapped as a living stature. She can not move, talk, smell or eat. But she can see and here. She will remain in this state till she is humbled and repentant.
A thousand years go by. She has drifted off in a slumber for most of it.  At the end of a thousand years she is released from her prison. She finds herself in London. She is not the same evil person, is still 15 years old in appearance and mind. Through different adventures she finds some friends, people who help to reshape her very soul. She finds that the age old war between good and evil are still being fought for and that her very soul is still a prize sought after by both. There are the guardians, the Magi who are still around, hidden, fighting to right the wrongs of their enemies. (Brothers are part of this, immortal now)Girl will have to choose which side she will be on.

2nd story. I was influenced by a number of things with this one.
It is a story of a young girl being raised in a foster family. She does not know why, but she is told she most hide her identity and dresses as a boy. Her foster family is very kind though there is a bit of rivalry with her slightly older foster sister.
The setting is in an alternate world much like our own in a simpler time.  It is like the era of the French Revolution though not has poverty stricken.
Above, in the skies are beautiful floating cities that are sometimes seen. The royals and nobles live here.
The main character Serafina, (Finn for short because of her hidden identity)looks up and sees the young nobles playing in the sky as they ride skillfully on their sky boards (like skateboards, only in the sky) :P
Two of the main floating cities are coming together because of a royal wedding. But below the lovely lifestyle of the royals, on the earth a revolt is being planed. One that started over a hundred years ago but was stopped short for a time. Now it is starting again. Mysterious beings are destroying small towns on the outskirts of the country. The peace that has been there in the country is being threatened by the rumor of a war. The lost heir, to the throne, a girl, is being sought after by the minions of darkness. The poor and underprivileged began to rise up against the nobles who float so carelessly above.
Finn finds that she gets caught up in these events in a rather strange way.


  1. i like them both
    both are very good, if u can only write one at a time, i pick the 1st one, then, after u finish that one, u can start in the second one. both sound very epic :)

  2. :D Kal! they both sound amazing!!

    wish i was as good at coming up with plots :P

    the first one sounds really intriging though... t'has a powerful moral message and what looks like a rollercoaster of a self discovering journey for your character...

    *looks up*
    hmmm, i seem to have ravitted on abitty :P

  3. Both sound EPIC!!
    Write the first one THEN the 2nd one
    Just start with either they are both great and I want to read both!! So yeah... Write whichever first I don't mind just so long as, well, both are written.

  4. I love them both, Kallista! Maybe write the first one then the second one? I am not sure, they're both so awesome!

  5. I love both! They both sound so awesome but I would say write the 1st and see how it goes and when you have finished it maybe write the 2nd one!

  6. Wow, they're brilliant! I love both stories :D
    Hmmm.... I suppose I would vote number 2. It seems everyone else is going with 1, though :P
    They both sounds fantastic so whichever you choose is fine by me! :D

  7. Woah... i'm gettin Deja vu for some reason... :/

  8. I agree with Sky. I vote for number two, as to me, it seems like a more independent idea. The first one is awesome and has a great self-discovery theme but it feels very skulduggery to me, not there's anything wrong with that, becuase you can be inspired by something great and make something great of your own (Take my PG-13 being inspired by Zim for instance) and I know you can easily do that Kal.

    Also I like the hierarchy idea, reminds me of the Feudalism I looked at this past term. And the floating cities remind me of a game called Bioshock Infinte :P

    Both VERY good ideas Kal!

    I vote for 2

  9. I vote for Two!

    I love the whole Idea on the parallel world, and would love it if you told us more about it!


  10. TWO! I'm so excited to read this! The french revolution and flying skateboards? *hands her a certificate of brilliance*

  11. LOL Thank you everyone for commenting. Thansk you too Dan. *hugs*
    You know Dan, I never thought of the above close to SP. But I guess it does sound like it. It does have diffences, besides having no skeletons in it. Teh magic will be differsnt too and there will be no vamps in it. The main character is not a detective and in not intirely good.
    Also, as stated above. I had already begun writing this story before knew of SP. :D

  12. Wow, these are great, Kal!
    I like both of them, so it's pretty hard to choose >.< I really like the idea of the floating islands, and the skyboards and so on. But I think the first one caught my attention more. That's probably what i'd vote for: #1

  13. Ooooh....just read Dan's comment and I'm finding myself agreeing. Sky islands are a great idea..really good inspiration for this would be to look up the BioShock Infinites trailer; it's really good.

  14. First one... it's so intruiging.... but I'd love to hear the second one as wellllllll......

  15. I'll keep this short, simple and completely unhelpful.


  16. Both of these sound brilliant! I would have to say story one sounds slightly better, but with great talent, you can write anything! Therefore...write whichever you want, because it will be amazing!

  17. Well I'd have to go with both ideas. They're both absolutely fantastic.

  18. I like the first one better but I think both of them are excellent ideas!